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What Is The Pyramid of Influence In Marketing?

The pyramid of influence is a great model or image to categorize your different audiences and the influencers who represent them. It’s designed to quickly show you who and what makes up the most of your engagement to create the right content and materials to develop and run a successful campaign.

To put it simply, a pyramid of influence is designed to allow you to quickly understand who makes up your community and how they each influence your audience. This way, you can easily develop content and strategies to reach your target audience more efficiently and ensure you get the right influencer on board.

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The 4 Levels of The Pyramid of Influence

First Level: Brand Content Creators

Pyramid of InfluenceThey are the brand experts and create most of your content that your influencers can’t wait to use, share with their audience, or use inspiration to make new content. The content is produced by your business, by those you hired, or even mega-influencers.

Second Level: Influencers or Leaders

This is where digital influencers come in and make up the bulk of the content and engagement. They spark interest within those who want and must get your products. These are the people that inspire and influence transactions and engagement. They are the ones that will do anything to get their hands on your product and share it with their audience because they love your products or services. They are the leaders of your content and mission.

Third Level: Prosumers or Seed Planters

Prosumers are active in the community consistently, usually using third-party platforms such as Facebook or YouTube. They are the ones that build groups and posts questions or spark interest in topics supporting your niche or brand. In other words, they plant the seed of interest and increase engagement and interaction.

Quite a few people in this level of the pyramid will eventually move on to the second tier as low level. Nano influencers can also be found in this level as they often plant the seed. They look up to those above them in the tier to help them create content, answer any questions, or sound the alarm to a common problem within the industry.

Bottom Level: Consumers or Readers

This group consume content but don’t generate it. They are known as consumers and will make up the bulk of your audience and are responsible for revenue. They are the ones that are influenced by the rest of the pyramid and make purchases or other actions that can positively affect your conversions.

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Understanding the pyramid of influence helps you see how your customers, influencers, and content writers can influence different types of people. The ones on the top have the most impact, while those on the bottom make purchases and increase your conversions.

Regardless of the influencer, content is still the king of the modern marketing mix. You’ll need a content strategy in place to ensure what kind of content will be truly compelling to your customers. Not just for the influencers to execute, but also for the audience to care about. To help you develop the right content, download my free checklist, The 5 Step Content Strategy to discover the best practices used by the most successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

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