What Are Autoresponder Emails? (And Why They’ll Boost Your Business)

Everything You Need To Know About  Autoresponder Emails

Autoresponder emails are simply marketing emails that go out on a schedule. The benefit of using autoresponder software is that there are bound to be times when you don’t want the same email to go out to all of your email subscribers at the same time. You want someone who joins your email list today to get the first email in a sequence. You want someone who joins your list next week to get the same first email that sequence.

These emails might be informative, promote your products, or promote the products of others.

Email automation is really convenient. It allows you to do a lot of your email marketing hands-off. You don’t have to manually do everything. You can schedule autoresponder emails to go out and set up a list-building funnel that works for you day and night.

How Autoresponder Emails Work

The first thing to do with your autoresponder account is to set up a list and add in all of your information. This list is where you load up a sequence of autoresponder emails and determine the intervals between when the emails go out. You might load up 7 to 10 emails and schedule one to go out every 2 to 3 days or whatever works for you.

Types of Autoresponder Emails

There are different types of autoresponder emails you can focus on. Relationship building is autoresponder emailsvery important. You want people to feel like they come away with a lot of value when they read your emails. You’ll also want to make sales, of course.

I recommend you create a welcome email as your first email. This is the autoresponder email people will get right after signing up. Then, you might include an informative email. Next, you might include an email that includes some information and a soft sell. The next email might have a harder, more direct sales message.

You can keep going with the sequence. Some emails focus on giving great information, some emails focus on building relationships, some focus on making sales, and others a mixture of all the above.

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How Often To Schedule Autoresponder Emails to Go Out

There’s no simple answer as to how frequently you should schedule autoresponder emails to go out. You might want them to be sent more frequently in the beginning when you’re first getting on people’s radar. Then, you might want to taper the autoresponder emails off after that, sending one or two a week.

Also consider how often you plan to send broadcast emails. A broadcast email is one that you send out to your entire subscriber base, regardless of when they joined your email list. You don’t want to flood people’s email inboxes with emails that you send as a broadcast and those that go out according to your autoresponder schedule.

What to Promote In Autoresponder Emails

One of your toughest decisions might be what to promote in your emails. Consider creating mini-sequences for each of your products or services. You can look through past broadcast emails you’ve sent to see what your audience will likely respond to.  You can then modify those broadcast emails and put them in your autoresponder sequence. Never promote something just to promote it. Promote something because you know a segment of your audience will really benefit from it.

How Many Autoresponder Emails Should You Send?

Often people need a warm up before they’ll buy something. Write a series emails to guide and inform your email subscriber. It normally takes about 7 to 10 emails before a person will commit to making a purchase. You can stir their emotions and make them see that they really need a solution in the first one or two emails. Then, you can continue to stir those emotions and make a soft sell for a product or services that will solve that problem in the following few emails. Your final email in the sequence can be a more direct sell of the product with a call to action.

This puts the product in front of people multiple times. You’ll get higher conversion rates with this strategy. Test different sequences and different ways of presenting these sequences to see what will work best for your audience.

Tweaking Your Autoresponders Over Time

One of the best things about creating autoresponder emails is that they are pretty set and forget. You can load up your sequence and just leave it, letting it provide value to your audience and make sales for you. Remember to keep your autoresponder emails as evergreen as possible so they’ll always be relevant.

You’ll want or need to tweak some emails over time. New information might come to light. You might come out with new products you want to highlight or you might improve past products. Certain products you might have promoted as an affiliate may become out of date.

Every once in a while, go through your autoresponder sequence and see what you can tweak and change. For the most part, things can stay the same, which is a huge breath of fresh air so you can focus on other things in your business.

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