How To Make Customers Buy (Regardless of the Price)

8 Tactics To Make Customers Buy 

make customers buyThere are reasons that your audience can be reluctant to buy. They may lack trust, have trouble coming to a decision, procrastinate, worry about cost, and so on. And selling a high-ticket product or service can sometimes make even the best business owner nervous.

But if you’ve done your research and you know who your audience is, what they need, and how to deliver it to them, the price will be beside the point. There are several ways that businesses can legitimately make customers buy. But beware. These are not ‘smoke and mirror’ tactics that will fool a customer into buying. They are genuine reasons to help a potential client make an informed decision.

People buy from businesses they know, like and trust. If you make customers buy because of false claims and promises, your reputation will suffer and you may never sell another product again.

1. Know Your Competition

Make a list of your competitors and the products they offer, then write down the benefits of their product versus the benefits of yours. Showcase how the competition is different and not as effective due to these differences.

2. Understand the Benefits of Your Product or Service

Make a list of every way your product benefits your ideal customer. Expand on these benefits in your sales copy, your blog post articles, and social media updates. Your customers care more about what’s in it for them than what you think.

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3. Don’t Mention Price Upfront

Talk about functionality, reliability, convenience, and other benefits that are positive about your product or service, but don’t talk about the price point right away. Additionally, quantify those benefits monetarily, if you can, through the copy. For example, when you list the benefits, what is the monetary worth of each benefit to the customer?

4. Showcase Customers with Case Studies

During the case studies, ask the customers which products or services they’ve used in the past. The audience will look them up, discover the lower price, but realize that your product is better due to the success the customer has in comparison to the low-cost option.

5. Mention Low-Cost Failures

Sometimes, it benefits your audience to compare low-cost options and how they are failures compared to what you’re offering them. You can use parts of your case study interviews to demonstrate the missing functionality and benefits of the other options before the customer. Again, don’t mention the price. Just say the way it fails compared to your offering.

6. Offer Unannounced Bonuses

You can add unannounced bonuses to your sales that will encourage better product reviews. If you don’t even tell them they’re going to get the gift, and then they send you a review mentioning them, you can add that review to your sales page.

7. Offer a Free or Low-Cost Trial

Depending on the product and service you’re offering, it’s sometimes appropriate to give them a look around. When your product is priced on the high end, let them see the differences between what you’re offering and what someone else is by trying it first-hand.

8. Add Value to Every Purchase

On the sales page, you’ll want to include a list of benefits for your buyers that add value to every single purchase they make. For example, if they get access to a special private group, that’s an added benefit that makes a higher price easier to stomach.

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The intent of the buyer is of utmost importance. They’re asking themselves whether your product or service solves their problem or not. Then they’re answering the question of whether the problem is big enough to justify this cost or not. If you base price on value plus your ideal customer’s average earnings, price takes care of itself.

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