Why Posting More Focused, Meaningful Content Is The Best Approach

How To Create Meaningful Content

Meaningful ContentClickbait headlines have become a popular trend in online business. Since businesses want to attract viewers and visitors to their page they use headlines that will get visitors to read their posts and probably check out their business. But is this the way forward?

Post engagement in the past few years has dropped. Businesses can’t rely on posting content online and hoping to be seen. A good content strategy provides meaningful content that engages the reader.

Social media provides the perfect platform where your posts can start a conversation. Not only does social media marketing increase brand awareness, but it also promotes advertising through word of mouth.

So how can you create this meaningful content that your audience will like?

So how can you create meaningful content for a good content strategy?

People Need To Talk To Real People

Your target audience need to feel that they are important. They prefer personalized replies and messages compared to copy and pasted messages. When they give their opinion on something on your page they want to feel heard. Paying attention to what they are saying and giving them relevant feedback or showing appreciation for their comments is a great way to engage them.

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Meaningful Content Shows Your Personality 

Your customers, or potential customers, are intelligent people who can differentiate originality from imitation. Tell your story in your own way. Use humour in your post if necessary while trying to convey your message. They want to feel warm, but at the same time get additional value from the content you post.

Images Help To Convey The Message

People will always be attracted to what they can see first. Are the images that you are using relevant to your post? Meaningful content is attractive and it speaks to your audience even before your words do.

For this reason, it goes without saying that images are a key aspect of your marketing strategy. According to the research which has been conducted by social media experts, posts that have images will attract a lot more attention compared to posts without images. Even as this is the case, it doesn’t mean that you should bombard your page with a high number of images which say nothing about your brand.

It Has Clear Call To Action (CTA)

Be clear and upfront. What is the intention of your content or post? Is it to inform or to make sales? Your audience is more likely to respond to your post if you’re being honest. Using clickbait may get them to click, but will they continue reading to the end of your post if they realize that you are not being truthful? Most of them won’t!

Let both your intention and language be clear. This way you will attract the relevant audience to your page. Always add a call to action if you intend to sell your product as well as a link to your product.

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The goal of most marketing strategies is to generate maximum exposure for brands. You can gain this exposure by creating high-quality and valuable content that boosts the chance of brand mentions, link shares and sales.

When you develop your content strategy plan, it’s important that you understand who your audience is, while also knowing what your brand is and what you want that brand to represent and to whom. When you put your customer value and satisfaction first and focus on problem-solving, the more that customers will be attracted to you.

If you continually create conversion-driven meaningful content, it won’t take long before you see the results. For more information on creating a content marketing strategy download my free Content Strategy Worksheet that outlines the 5 key steps and best practices used by the most successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs.


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