Understanding Contextual Marketing and How It Can Boost Your Business

What Is Contextual Marketing?

Contextual marketing
Contextual marketing pays attention to what your audience is doing in real time in the real world.

During the Superbowl blackout in 2013, Oreo Cookies tweeted out a picture and a statement that said, “You can still dunk in the dark.” This is a classic example of real time contextual marketing. It was unexpected, not planned, but it was effective and went viral.

Contextual marketing focuses entirely on using content for marketing your products and services. Contextual marketing usually means that you’re creating content for your website, using specific keywords so that an advertisement platform delivers the ads of interest to your customers.

For example, if you are using Google AdWords, it will deliver to your audience ads based on the content using the keywords in the content to trigger the right ads. This can be planned as well as happen in real time if you pay attention to how you can relate current happenings to your content marketing. Using as much of both planned and unplanned contextual marketing can rapidly boost your business.

Using A Contextual Marketing Platform

When your marketing focuses on the desires and needs of your target audience and connects with them in context, your business will more closely align with your customer’s interests and goals. Because of that, you’re going to improve your return on investment exponentially.

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Ensures Your Messages Is on Point

When you focus on contextual marketing, it means that you’re focusing on your audience’s intent. Instead of bombarding your audience with generic messages you can create more targeted messages that better align with what your customers intent is because the content is based on their desires and behavior.

It Creates Buzz

When you’re focused on contextual marketing, you’ll need to also pay attention to what your audience is doing in real time in the real world. In the Oreo Cookie example from above, someone thought of the line and went with it. You also need to be willing to do that but make sure you do know your audience well enough so that you get it right.

Ensures Your Audience Receives What They Need

Because you’re paying attention to the intent of your audience, where they are in their buying journey, and current events that affect your audience you’ll ensure that your audience gets what they need from you. The content you create will more align with them and be more accurate and timelier.

Gets More Attention Because It’s Relevant

Most people today are blind to advertisements, especially to non-relevant banner ads on websites which are delivered due to the text you’ve put on your site. If the ads are genuinely relevant, they’re going to be more attractive and get more attention.

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