How To Get Customers To Buy From Your Website

8 Emotional Triggers That Get Customers To Buy

If you know how to get customers to buy from your website, then you can increase your sales and your conversion rate. And that’s got to be good for your profit and your online business.

It’s often said that you should give people what they need, because that’s what they are going to buy. That may well have been the case once but today society has changed and people no longer buy what they need.

Instead they buy what they want and what they crave. So you see people struggling to put food on the table, but have a 42inch plasma TV, satellite system and a bottle of Jack Daniels!

How To Get Customers To Buy From Your Website

When it comes to your marketing messages and the content on your website it helps to understand the reasons why people spend money in the first place. People buy with their emotions, and then justify that emotion with logic. A business that has an emotional marketing strategy to communicate with its customers can build long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships that last for years.

You need to pitch your products and services not as something they need, but as something they absolutely must have. Make it so they crave your product and absolutely must get their hands on it.

Emotional Techniques To Sell A Product

It’s important to study your audience so that you know how to trigger emotions within them, and know which ones they use when they choose to buy from your website. If you can find the trigger that keeps your audience from saying no, you’ll get the sales results you want.

  • Visceral: When something impacts an audience member at the subconscious level, we say
    buy from your website
    What emotions make your customers buy from you?

    that the reaction is visceral. Your content and website design should evoke the feelings you want the visitor to feel without even thinking about it.

  • Behavioral:  Emotions and behavior go together hand in hand. When your audience reads your content, listens to a video, or visits your website, the feelings they have should also elicit a behavioral response.
  • Reflective:  Once a visitor leaves your website, stops reading your ebook, or moves on past your content, it should stick with them enough to cause a response of some sort based on their feelings.

8 Emotional Triggers That Get Customers To Buy From Your Website

1. To Portray An Image

People want others to perceive them in a certain way. That need often drives them to buy things to help them keep that image, not only for others to see them that way but also to see themselves that way.

2. To Avoid A Bad Feeling

Whether it’s the idea they’ll miss out on something awesome, or some other bad feeling, avoiding a bad feeling is a powerful motivator to buy something. If you can show how your product or service helps your audience avoid a bad feeling, they’ll be more likely to buy.

3. To Gain Or Earn Freedom

A good example is a housekeeper or virtual assistant. Is a housekeeper selling a clean home, or more time? Is a virtual assistant selling document processing or more time? If you can be clear about what it is you’re really selling, you can and will get customers to buy from your website more often.

If you’re writing about freedom and how your audience can experience freedom, try using a picture of something that demonstrates freedom to your audience. Use also a typical person that could be part of your audience, showing the emotional release they feel as they realize they have true freedom.

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4. To Fit In With The Community

Everyone likes being part of the “in” crowd and part of a community. If making a specific purchase will make them more of a part of the community, they will make it happen. The images of people on your website tend to bring forth more emotion for people. Let the face of the person demonstrate the emotion that you want the audience to feel as they look at your website or watch your video.

5. Immediate Gratification

People like getting what they want, when they want it. If you can offer them an instant way to give them what they want, they will most certainly take the bait. Know what words trigger emotion and action in your audience. Use words to focus on the benefits your product or service offers your audience. Remember that they want to know what’s in it for them, not what’s in it for you.

For example, use trigger words like “Limited time offer…” or “Act now to completely change your life in the next 10 minutes…” You don’t want to lie, but you do want to give it to them straight and tell them exactly what their benefits are for acting now.

6. To Gain A Sense Of Power

When people buy something they view as potentially life changing, they feel powerful and in charge of their lives. If you can offer something super special that solves a very specific problem and evokes feelings of power in your audience, you’ll have a winner on your hands.

7. To Prove Or Gain Self-Worth

Some people, maybe people in your audience, lack self-worth and need a way to get it. If you can offer them that feeling when they buy your products or use your services, you’ll sell a lot. Some colors evoke different emotions based on culture, sex, and many other factors, so it’s extra important to understand exactly who your audience is. You want the colors you choose to elicit the right emotions in your audience.

For example, if you want your audience to feel as if they should be excited and passionate about something, choose known passion colors like red and orange. If you want them to feel happy and free, choose a color like yellow to emulate the color of sunshine which makes people happy. Do check to ensure that the culture you’re marketing to does not have a different idea.

8. To Solve A Problem

One of the most obvious reasons to get customers to buy is to solve a problem for them. Show them how your product or service solves their problems, and they’ll buy from you when the price is right.

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The content on your website and sales pages can convey a wide array of emotions.  The one thing you want to work on is using your words to connect with your audience, since you’re not actually standing in front of your customer convincing them to buy. Online, you can use audio and video but most people still rely on the written word to help them capture the attention of their audience, explain how their products and services can benefit the visitor and so get customers to buy. This Free Online Content Report shows you how to write online content that connects with your audience and how to get customers to buy from you.

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