Is Disruptive Marketing Part Of Your Online Marketing Strategy?

What Does Disruptive Marketing Mean?

Disruptive Marketing

Can you make your audience see things differently and open their minds in a new way?

Over the years there have been several terms that describe innovation that disrupts the status quo. For example, “Killer Apps” and “Disruptive Innovation” both describe what happens when something new comes along and disturbs what people are accustomed to. A few classic examples are typewriters, VHS tapes, Floppy Disks and so forth. As you see, each of these things was useful until something came along to replace it.

Disruptive marketing is a lot like that idea. But instead of a product replacing another product it fills in the gaps from the typical marketing strategy by challenging conventional thinking or connecting the old way with a new way of doing something. The new way is the disruption that can get the attention of the audience in a way that might even go viral.

7 Disruptive Marketing Examples

Disruptive marketing can involve crafting a new story or adding to your old brand story in a new way that makes your audience see things differently and opens their mind in a new way. For example, you might connect a current event such as environmental concerns to a personal story that can also tie into your business in some way.

1. Shift Brand Perception

If there’s something about your business and brand that your audience isn’t aware of, you can work toward shifting the brand perception using disruptive marketing ideas by telling your personal story. While risky to bring your personal life into your business, it can help change your audience’s perception of you and your brand. 

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2. Connect And Engage with Customers More

When you share something personal and connect that to your branding, you’re going to end up being more connected with your customers. Plus, because of this, it’s going to be much simpler to engage with them. Take the time to bring the past into the future by sharing your struggles from the past with your audience or things from the past that can be tied with your offers today.

3. Show Your Uniqueness

When you put something of yourself, especially personally, into your marketing materials no one will ever be able to copy you. Your story is unique to you and only you. This is going to make you stand out in a huge way.  An effective way to do this is to use video content. While people can read your text online, they can’t read facial expression or hear the tone of your voice through the text. Videos allow that to come through. They feel like they can get to know you better once they’ve seen you because they feel like they’ve ‘met’ you.

4. Bring Emotion To Your Marketing

One way to engage in disruptive marketing is to tell an emotional story about yourself, past clients (who agree), or somehow relate your business (perhaps via charity) to something they really care about. For example, if you announce that from now on 10% of your profits are going to a specific charity and why you care about that charity that might make them feel great knowing a portion of every purchase helps someone.

5. Show Your Empathy For Your Customers

When you know who your customers are, you can show empathy for them by telling them the story of why you want to serve them and how you relate to them. When they see that you can put yourself in their shows, they will feel your compassion.

6. Change Their Mind 

Disruptive marketing can be extremely effective in changing people’s minds about their situations. Sharing personal stories of your life, of your client’s lives, and encouraging them to do the same can create so much trust that they change their mind without realizing it.

7. Introduce Something New

When you introduce anything new using disruptive marketing is an effective way to get attention. You can even end up going viral. For example, your competitors may have multiple websites and blogs, each one showcasing a product or service. The same can’t be said about podcasts. Creating your own podcast provides a unique marketing approach that engages people much more than text-based content ever can and makes it easy for people to hear your stories and messages while they’re doing something else.  

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