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Evergreen Affiliate Promotions vs. Short-Lived Campaigns

When you become an affiliate marketer, you’ll start to notice that there are some products and services that you can promote all year long and for many years. These include products like software, memberships, and anything that is ongoing and lasts long term. When a product can last long-term, it’s called “evergreen”.

Short-term products and launches, that may still be for sale later, won’t really get as much attention post-launch and may not even be supported or available later. These include items such as webinars, events and certain types of information products.

So what’s better for your business? Evergreen affiliate promotions or short-lived campaigns?

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Evergreen Affiliate Promotions

Evergreen Affiliate PromotionsA good example of evergreen affiliate promotions is always-open memberships, templates, guides, and some types of information products.

When you choose something you think is evergreen, just ask yourself whether your audience needs this solution or not, then ask how long the solution is good for? If the product lasts, such as software, it can be classified as evergreen.

Evergreen products are awesome to promote however, it’s not likely that you’ll make as much money as soon as you may with short term campaigns. The main reason is that your customers may not feel the pressure of any sort to hurry up to make this purchase because it’s always there and they know it. However, you can make a good living promoting high paying evergreen products such as memberships due to the opportunity to make residual income.

To promote these types of products you can include them as links within your blog post content and by emailing them to your subscriber list. The app Missinglett_r will automatically turn your evergreen blog posts into a year’s worth of social media updates, pre-filled with quotes, hashtags and images.

Short-Lived Affiliate Campaigns

An example of a short-term campaign is a product that solves a problem that may have a new solution in a few months due to technology or something else. A good example of this is selling a Facebook Advertisement Course. The creator will likely have a fast and furious launch to get it sold fast because tomorrow, Facebook may change how things work. This is a short-term campaign and something you should promote.

You’re going to make faster money using short-term exciting launches that your product creators offer. The act of doing the promotion will get your audience excited because usually there is a buildup, a tease, and finally the offer for a limited time.

Evergreen Affiliate Promotions or Short-Lived Campaigns?

As you’re running your affiliate business, you’ll decide which types of products you want to promote. The best suggestion is both. A good mix of evergreen affiliate products along with short-term launches and campaigns are your best bet to create a sustainable income.

Anything you can promote that is residual and can build is almost always better than something that is short-term. However, doing short-term promotions can engage your audience in a way that gets them to your website to read about the evergreen offers you have recommended.

Ultimately, you want to promote short-term solutions for your audience’s identified problems as well as the evergreen items. Short-term launches and promotions will excite your audience, create buzz, spread more awareness, and keep your brand at the top of their mind since you’ll have more reason to communicate with them. Evergreen items will provide a foundation for your business and a more steady and regular income.

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There are many companies that pay you to sell their products online. Success from selling other people’s products comes down to choosing the right niche, staying committed and understanding your audience. One thing to keep in mind when you start affiliate marketing is that success isn’t going to happen overnight. You can make unlimited profits, but it will take time. For more information on how to sell other people’s products online, download my free checklist, Affiliate Marketing For Beginners.

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