7 Important Ways To Improve Your Email List Building

Is Your Email List Building Attracting The Right People?

Ask any successful online entrepreneur and they’ll tell you that the one crucial element to the survival and advancement of their business is email list building. An email list is a collection of people who have expressed an interest in your business and have given you permission to email them more information.

Email marketing is an exceedingly effective form of marketing and should never be overlooked. It is, in fact, one of the most effective forms of marketing that has ever existed.

But it’s no longer enough to just send generic information out to random subscribers. Today, smart marketers build targeted lists, full of active subscribers who want to receive a specific message.

7  Ways To Improve Your Email List Building

Effective email list building starts with attracting the right people to the right list. You’ll need different lists for different types of prospects. If you only build one list, you’ll cast your net too wide you’ll get a lot of uninterested and unresponsive people on that list. When it comes to email marketing, size and quality matter. Yes, of course bigger lists offer more potential customers but only if the quality of the subscribers is high as well.

1. Plan Ahead

email list building

Are you emailing uninterested and unresponsive people?

Think through how you’ll not only encourage people to give you their email address but exactly who you want on your lists. Identity your target audience, specifically and clearly write down the information on paper so you can follow it. Develop customer personas that can help you build a list full of subscribers who want to hear from you. Then be clear on how you can provide them with value.

2. Set Subscriber Expectations

Let subscribers know exactly what you’ll be sending them, when and how often. The clearer you can be with your email list building, the more you’ll weed through people who don’t want that information and only build a list full of people who do want the information. There is no need to reason to trick people into signing up. You want only the people who want to be there.

3. Give Away Something Valuable And Specific

To motivate your target audience to give you their email address, offer them something of value for free. When creating your freebie, focus on a very narrow and specific audience. You want to give them something that truly adds value to their lives and even solves one of their main problems. You want the offer to be so specific that only people who belong on your list will want to sign up for it.

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4. Make Signing Up Simple

Avoid asking for too much information up front. At the most, ask for a name and email address. You can make it even simpler by only collecting an email address. This will encourage people to sign up who want the information you’re offering fast. You can always get more information from a subscriber when they’ve signed up to your list. In addition, don’t make them wait for the promised information. Make sure that your email list builder software is set up to deliver your freebie as soon as somebody signs up.

5. Value Their Privacy

Make sure they know up front that you will not give or sell their information to third parties. You can put a privacy notice right on your sign up form by adding a hyperlink to it. Make sure that notice opens in a new window so they’re not taken away from the task of signing up.

6. Monitor Your Stats

While email list building software provides wonderful tools that can be fully automated, physically monitor your email stats at least weekly. You can get a lot of insight into what’s happening with your lists by looking at the analytics.

7. Cross Promote

Once people have joined your email list as a subscriber, be sure to let them know where else they can locate you on the internet. This includes your website or blog and your social media pages. It should be easy for them to connect with you in multiple places. Believe it or not, this will increase trust as they get to know you and your brand outside of the email inbox.

Remember to only send content of value to your list. Yes, you’re going to promote your products and services to them. But, you’re also going to inform, educate and engage with them so that you can build strong and lasting relationships of value.

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Today, when building an email marketing list you need to communicate with the people on your list in an intimate and personal way. This is how you’ll reach your online marketing goals. Thankfully, all this work won’t be for nothing because email marketing is truly an effective relationship marketing channel. It can achieve awesome results for the smart marketer. On average, a prospect needs to see your messages 7 to 8 times before they trust you enough to buy something. Email is the perfect way to deliver this sales funnel.

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