5 Customer Service Do’s For A Great Customer Experience

How Do You Create A Great Customer Experience?

Great Customer Experience

Does your business have examples of good customer service situations?

Every customer wants a great customer experience when they interact with a business. So creating a customer experience strategy is as crucial and pivotal as providing quality products to your customers.

But some businesses lack a customer-centric culture, and this makes them more likely to feel the backlash of dissatisfied consumers. In any business, things do sometimes go wrong and you are more often judged on how you rectify a problem more than the actual problem itself. Regardless of whether a customer is buying something or they’re filing a complaint, your customer support should accommodate their needs and ensure they resolve the issue on time.

When you provide excellent customer service it creates customer loyalty and makes clients refer your business to family, friends, and colleagues.

5 Fundamental Do’s of Great Customer Service

1. Respect Your client

Any relationship, whether personal or business, begins with respect. One of the main principles of building a business relationship is making the other person feel important and being sincere about it. Likewise, the goal of customer service is to make customers feel important and valuable. Every customer deserves your full attention and friendly and polite attitude. This is the easiest way to show you care and provide an excellent experience that lasts.

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2. Be Honest

Broken promises destroy relationships quickly. Therefore, your business has to strive to do what you promise. Be fair about your prices, extra charges, and additional fees. Have a clear return and refund policy. Always deliver on time, or even early. Offer services you say you offer in your marketing and correspondence. Honesty is the best policy for building an excellent customer service and improving customer satisfaction rates.

3. Take Responsibility

Professionalism in customer service dictates that you should always take responsibility for problems or negative experiences that consumers are having with your business, products or services. This means that as a front-line business, you should be ready to apologize sincerely to customers on behalf of your company, even when what caused the client’s frustration isn’t your fault. Apologize and make sure the issues are fixed quickly and smoothly.

4. Listen

Pay attention to what your consumers are saying even if they aren’t talking directly to you. Look for chances to pleasantly surprise your customers. Anticipate their needs, without being overly noticeable or obtrusive. Strive to exceed their needs.

Remember, don’t just listen to what your customers are saying, but engage with them so as that they feel understood. Maintain eye contact with them when communicating face to face, and nod to encourage them to speak more.

5. Show Gratitude

Always thank your clients sincerely with a smile on your face, every time. Let them know it’s your pleasure to serve them. This will make them feel appreciated, important, and valued. Thanking people who support your business doesn’t take much effort and it will definitely show you’re grateful that they chose your product or service. It also shows you’re happy to help your customers.

Real-life Examples of Good Customer Service (and What You Can Learn From Them)

According to American Express, seven out of 10 U.S. consumers say they’ve spent more money  with a company that delivers great service.  A great customer experience, though, is more than an email reply or a phone call. Here are 6 of the best customer service experience stories from HubSpot.  And because no two brands are created equal, they’ve distilled lessons and wisdom from each story that any customer service professional or brand can apply to their own strategies today.