9 Ways To Get Better Results When Marketing With Email

Marketing With Email Works!

It’s surprising how many businesses there are who don’t realize the importance of marketing with email. Email marketing is one of the most important and effective forms of marketing to ever be invented.

On any day of the week, your target audience may or may not visit your website, or one of your social media pages. However, most people check their email every day, several times during the day or even several times per hour!

When you communicate effectively through email, you can build a loyal audience of people who truly want to hear from you. Here are 9 ways to get better results when marketing with email.

9 Ways To Get Better Results When Marketing With Email

1. Use the Right Software

Marketing With Email

How many times per day do you check your email?

The regular system you use to send and receive emails, like Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, etc, is not designed for email marketing. You need specialist email campaign software, known as an autoresponder. An autoresponder can handle many more emails than you could ever process manually. It’s an online software program that enables you to send, obtain, manage and organize your email list of customers. It automatically sends emails when information is requested and send follow ups to your prospects. There are many different email marketing companies that provide email marketing software. Before you commit, read the fine print first to be sure that you can do what you want to do with it.

2. Autoresponder Series

Autoresponder emails are marketing emails that are sent out automatically on a pre-determined schedule. When a new subscriber joins your email list, your autoresponder will send out a series of emails that you’ve written and prepared in advance.

This means a lot of you email marketing strategy can be done hands-off. You don’t have to manually do everything. It also means that the same email doesn’t have to go out to all of your email subscribers at the same time. So when someone joins your email list today they’ll get the same first email in as someone who joined your email list last month.

3. eNewsletter

A great email marketing strategy is to send information to your audience with an enewsletter. These are displayed in a recipient’s inbox as a single page with a short extract of text for each article that links to the full article on a website. Not only is this a way to keep in regular contact with your subscribers, it also helps to drive traffic to your website. An enewsletter can go out monthly or more often. Just so long as it is sent on a regular basis. Be sure to tell your audience how often they’ll get the newsletter so they know what to expect.

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4. Craft Effective Headlines

When marketing with email, your subject line is like the headline of an advertisement. This is what people will see in their email inbox. If they don’t like it and if it doesn’t make them want to read what the email is about they will ignore or delete it. It’s very important that headlines and subject lines be specific, keyword rich, and something the audience will want to open and see. Don’t be tricky or too cheeky as people don’t click through unless they know what’s inside.

5. Personalize Email

Your autoresponder technology allows you to personalize an email based on the information you’ve gathered from your audience. You can add your audience member’s name to the messages you send. Saying their name at important points in your message can bring the message home in new way. Don’t over use personalization as it can begin to sound a little bit creepy. But, if you have a first name, you can send your email to, “Dear Sally,” instead of no one. This helps to make your email more personal to the recipient instead of like a mass email. When you write your email, write it as though you were just sending it to one person, instead of “all” your subscribers at once.

6. Surprise Gifts

You probably gave your subscriber a freebie when they signed up for your list. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t send them anything more. Remember that the more value that you provide to your subscribers, the more they will come to know, like and trust you. You can use these extra freebies to get more information from your subscribers. Offer them a new free gift for some sort of action taken.

For example, any time a subscriber takes advantage of a coupon code is a good time to collect more information about them. You may have only collected an email and name when they first opted in but when they redeem the code, ask for just a bit more info.

7. Fine Tune Your Sales Funnel

Moving your subscribers from list to another due to the behavior that they demonstrate is a great way to personalize the information that your subscribers receive and to fine tune your sales funnel. Your email list will have buyers and non-buyers. Have one email marketing sales funnel for your buyers so that you don’t needlessly make them the same offer they already responded to. For your non-buyers, continue to send them valuable free content in your email sequence, as well as offers to purchase your products that they passed on the first time.

8. Add Value

Email marketing is about developing a relationship with the people on your list. If you don’t send emails on a regular basis they will forget about you. There is a presumption that if you send too many emails, it will irritate your recipients. It will only irritate them if you send them rubbish, so every email should provide value. You might share with them someone else’s blog post, or a hot tip you’ve learned, or you might offer them a sale on your products and services.

9. Don’t Forget the CTA

When you send emails to anyone for any reason, you should include a call to action (CTA). It might be to share the newsletter with others, to like you on social media or something else entirely. Every email you send out should result in some sort of action. Always be clear about what you want your subscribers to do. Also, make sure links are always blue and place those links early on in the email, not below 500 words of text.

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The conversion rate for marketing with email approaches an impressive 4 -7% over time. That’s because a prospect needs to see a brand 7 to 8 times before they trust it enough to buy something. Email is the perfect way to do that. However, when you’re fighting for attention in a busy inbox, you have to make sure that your message not only stands out, but gets read and some action is taken.

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