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How To Write A Call To Action (And Get The Result You Want)

The main goal of any content creation is to get your audience to take action to benefit them, you and your business. If you can’t engage your audience or inspire them to take action, you’ll likely not have a business at all.

There are different ways to create a call to action (CTA). Your CTA can include asking your audience to share, like, follow, join, sign up, buy or whatever it is that you want them to do. If you really want them to take action, clearly state what you want them to do.

In asking your audience to take action you also need to be trustworthy, honest, inspirational, and relatable.

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Decide What Actions You Need Them to Take First

How To Write A Call To ActionAlways plan what you need your audience to do before you prepare your content. This way, you can be sure it flows with your main objective. Ask yourself, what do you want your audience to learn, and will how this benefit them and your business?

From there, you can figure out the best action your audience needs to take. For example, maybe you want your audience to learn about your product and see how it will better their life. If it does, they’ll likely want to purchase the product, further benefiting your business.

Then Motivate Them and Tell Them What to Do

Don’t expect or assume your audience knows what to do or that they will do it for you just because they are there or reading, watching or listening to your content. You need to be direct and ask them what to do. This is your call to action. You are calling them or asking them to do something in order to benefit your business.

There are many ways to get your audience to act on your content but you’ll need to tell them what to do. People are relatively lazy, so make it easy for them. You’ll get a better response.

9 Ways To Create A Call To Action

1. Ask for a Comment

A great way to get your audience to act and come back for more is to generate more comments to your blog and social media posts. You can get people to comment more if you ask them to.

2. Be the Devil’s Advocate

If you really want to get comments rocking, try being controversial. This can be risky so be mindful of the potential repercussions. Try calling out a situation that makes you mad, sad, and upset. But, try to end it on a positive note if possible.

3. Put a Subscribe Button after the Post

A proven way to get people to subscribe for blog updates is to put an opt-in box on the bottom.

4. Offer a Free Discovery Call

A great way to get your reader’s attention is to offer a short 15-minute discovery call. Put a sign-up box below the post along with words that attract their attention and get them to want to give their email address to sign up for the call.

5. Ask Them if They Want to Learn More

A really effective CTA asks your readers if they want to learn more, then using an attractive “learn more” button will entice the reader to click. On the learn more page it can either be more information or you can make it an easy one step opt-in box so that you can send them more information via email.

6. Give Them a Special

If you’ve talked about specific products or pain points in the blog post and you know about a product or have created a product that will help them, make them a special offer at the bottom of the blog post.

7. Offer a Freebie

Match your freebies with the topic of your blog post, and offer a download button for the freebie that relates to the blog post. Collect their email address so that you can add them to your list. If you use software like AWeber, you can avoid sending to duplicate email addresses on your list, while still offering the freebie to your readers.

8. Ask Them to Join Your Mailing List

Get right to the point and ask them if they want to learn more, get reminds of new posts, and so forth and ask them to sign up for your mailing list. Let them know the benefits of doing so, and you’ll get more sign ups if the sign up box is after your posts.

9. Build a Community

Ask your audience to join a Facebook group or membership site to build a community of similar people. People love to feel relatable and be around others that have similar interests and values. A sense of community and camaraderie is encouraging and inspiring.

Free Checklist: How To Create A Sales Funnel

If you have the right products and goals in mind for your customers, you have more power and control over them than you think. People want to support a trustworthy and honest business that actually solves their problems. Just ask them and encourage them to do it.

The marketing funnel gives you a path to follow. It helps you to ensure that you provide the right information at the right time and place to your ideal customers.  An effective funnel strategy puts your business on autopilot and consistently turns prospects into paying customers if you structure it the right way. To learn more, you can download my free Marketing & Sales Funnel Checklist which outlines the best practices for making your marketing funnel produce the intended result from your call to action.

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