11 Awesome SEO Tactics That Work For Any Website

How SEO Tactics Work For Your Website

Many people in business don’t realize how important it is to pay close attention to your website so that you have a fully optimized site that search engines can index and recommend to their platform users. This process of search engine optimization (SEO) will drive visitors to your website for free.

Each search engine provides information to webmasters about how to best optimize your website for search. Search engines offer this information to you for free because they are the ones that know the most about their customers, so they know how best to set up your website for success.

Using the right SEO tactics, you’ll be able to create a better website that delivers more accurate search results.

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11 Awesome SEO Tactics That Work

1. Focus on User Experience

When your ideal customer comes to your website or other online platforms that you have control over, make sure you focus on what their experience will be like. You want them to enjoy being on your site and not feel confused or stressed.

2. Remember: Mobile First

SEO Tactics That WorkThe truth is, this is such an obvious fact that it probably should not go on this list anymore. However, it’s amazing how many websites aren’t mobile-friendly even now. Your customer is not going to switch to a laptop to download your products or sign up for your services. Make it all work on all devices, especially mobile because most people use mobile devices to check email and shop.

3. Optimize for Voice

In some ways, this tactic stems from the mobile-first concept. People have their mobile devices with them while driving, jogging, walking, doing chores at home, etc. and due to that aren’t always typing. Instead, they’re using their voice to ask for help. Ensure you set up your site by optimizing for voice. Do this by using rich answers, restructuring your content, and using more conversational language with long-tail keywords and phrases.

4. Speed Up Your Site

If your site is slow, it’s not going to show up in search as often, if ever. More than 50% of users abandon a mobile website that takes more than 3 seconds to load and your slow site certainly won’t work with voice search. Avoid huge, clunky graphics and overly complicated pages. The faster your page loads, the more Google likes it. Websites that load quickly have higher conversions.

5. Build Topic Clusters

Keywords are an excellent start for SEO tactics but these days using topic clusters can help define longer-form content in your mind and make it more understandable to your audience. Some people call this epic or pillar content. It’s interlinked content that includes several shorter but more focused articles or posts about one broad topic.

6. Develop More Long-Form Content

Don’t get worried about having to sit down today and write a 2000-word blog post. You can create long-form content with shorter content over time. For example, you can write four 500-word blog posts about one topic, then link internally to each blog post to create one epic piece of information. Hint: repurpose this content into one large, prettied-up PDF document.

7. Cross-Promote

Don’t just write a blog post and leave it up, hoping someone will read it. Instead, share it wherever your audience gets their information. Create blurbs unique to each platform and tell people about your new blog post. Don’t forget to also send it to your email list members with its own blurb and promotion.

8. Focus on Internal and Back Linking

SEO tactics rely on search engines sending bots to your website to map it and then use the information collected to let your audience know about it. In order to judge electronically whether a site is a good site, they use information such as who links to you and also how much your website matches your keywords and information.

9. Don’t Skip Any Technical Aspects of SEO.

For example, we know that using H1 and H2 headers with keywords and topic clusters increases your website’s ‘stickiness’. These headers allow your audience to consume more of your information which designed to lead them through your funnel and their buying journey.

10. Use Strategic Landing Page Options

You want to create more than one landing page for each of your offers. Every landing page should be unique to the individual coming to it based on where they come from. This is going to help you better target each segment of your audience.

11. Track, Measure, Tweak and Repeat

You’ll do so much better if you actually use the data that you collect to improve your offers, your sales presentations, and your educational content. If you want to make it better, track it, measure it, change it, and repeat.

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Search engine optimization ensures that not only do your customers find your website and offers, but that once they do, they know it’s the right place to get quality information and find solutions to their problems. This is because they can find the information they seek efficiently and even enjoyably.

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