8 Benefits Of Podcasting For Your Business

What Are The Benefits Of Podcasting?

Benefits Of Podcasting

There are many advantages of podcasts in business.

It’s hard to pinpoint a business idea that can’t be developed better with a podcast. Even if you have no audience right now, the benefits of podcasting are hard to ignore. They are a lot easier to create than a video, can improve your speaking ability and give your entire business a voice. Plus people love them.

Podcasting is a wonderful way to build relationships with your audience members. When people can hear your voice on a regular basis, they feel as if they’re part of your community.

Not convinced? Here are 8 benefits of podcasting for your business.

8 Benefits Of Podcasting In Business

1. They Improve Your Speaking Skills 

Even if you’re a nervous speaker in front of a live audience, don’t worry. You can record your podcast, edit out your mistakes, and over time you’re going to improve your speaking ability. It’s a great way to get started in public speaking without having to worry.

2. You Can Earn Money

A podcast is also every bit as much an earning hub as your website. Plus, they take less to put out. You can sell your products and services via your podcast and even take paid advertising through sponsorships when you’re ready. During the broadcast, you can give listeners special access to products and services. Give them 24 hours to get a discount so that those who listen fast and more often can get more benefit. Set up a special coupon code that you only mention in the show and not the notes.

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3. They Are Easy to Start 

You don’t need a bunch of fancy things to start a podcast. The technology is simple. All you really need is a mic, a quiet place, and a computer (or smartphone) to record the podcast on. You’ll also want a great URL for your podcast to live on besides your website for your business. Preferably call the URL what you want to call the podcast, but in any case, make the URL very easy to remember.

4. Podcasts Don’t Cost Much to Produce

Since you don’t need any fancy tech to start a podcast, it doesn’t cost much to start. You likely have all the tools you need to start a podcast already.  You can use different types of hosting to store your podcasts, but more than likely you don’t want to use the same place as you are currently hosting your website. Instead, you will want a spot just for the shows like an Amazon S3 account, SoundCloud or an iTunes account.  The important thing is to work with what you have and get started. Putting it off only takes time. Getting started now and improving as you learn is so much better.

5. Podcasts Can Replace Video

While video is a great traffic generator, it’s not for everyone. Some people don’t like watching videos and some people don’t like making them. These people like to talk about what they know or listen to someone who knows a lot while doing other things, and podcasts are for them.

6. They Are Super-Popular

One of the key benefits of podcasting for business is that people get tired of looking at screens. Sometimes just want to listen to something while they’re commuting to or from work, exercising or tiding up the house. A podcast is perfect because it’s like listening to the radio. Many people who start podcasts from their videos find that their podcast outearns their videos.

When you have a regular podcast, your audience will start to count on the information that you’re providing. They’ll look forward to hearing from you, so ensure that you develop consistency around that, because if you miss doing a show they’re going to feel disappointed and they may even stop trusting you.

7. Podcasts Are a Great Way to Repurpose Content

If you have other content, from blog posts to video, you can repurpose it into a podcast with very little editing. For a good blog post, you can simply read it; for a video where you’re just looking at the screen talking and not showing examples, you can easily turn that into a podcast just by getting the sound from the video.

8. Podcasts Offer Easy, Consistent Content Generation 

Because you don’t have to look good, and you only need a good mic and recording system via your computer or phone to accomplish creating a podcast, it’s easy for many people to do it faster than video. You don’t need good lighting, only good sound. With video you need everything.

You do of course need to come up with subject matter people want to listen to and learn about. The best way to do that is to study the audience that you want to attract and give them what they want. It’s much easier to deliver good content to an audience if you know who they are and what they need.

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The points above are just a sample of the benefits of podcasting for your business. A podcast offers on-demand and targeted content that your audience are looking for. It’s free for the listener, can be listened to on the go on a smart phone or tablet, and allows you to connect with your audience so much better than text-based media.

The number of your competitor businesses that use podcasts is most likely very low and they probably have no idea how to create one. This provides a golden opportunity to you as many in the podcasting industry believe this is the perfect time to get involved with this unique marketing approach. Download my Free checklist, The Business of Podcasting that shows you exactly how to start a podcast to become an authority in your niche, while also building your business and profits.

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