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How Do You Write a Brand Story?

To tell the right brand story and attract an audience that benefits you, you need to evaluate your company, target audience, and other categories that are necessary for your success. A great strategy to unlock all the information you need is to ask yourself deep and open-ended questions.

Here are 10 useful questions to help get your brand’s story started.

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10 Questions to Help Create a Better Brand Story


  • Who founded the company and why? Include the year, where you or they were, and any other information valuable to the overall story.
  • What challenges did you or they face along the way? Every good story needs a middle that includes a conflict or challenging situation. Every successful business has faced and overcame these challenges too. Find stories that resonate the most with your overall objectives and company values.

Target Audience

How Do You Write a Brand Story?

  • Who is your ideal customer? – Build a buyer’s persona for every product, service, or problem you want to solve. Act as if they’re a real person and give them a name, birth, month and age, job title, and where they live or were born in. Describe the daily challenges they face, their interests and strengths, as well as their weaknesses.
  • What platforms do your customers utilize? – Are your customers on Facebook, YouTube, E-mail, or their cell phones the most? Use your current customer analytics to see or run a poll as ask. The easier you make the content to read and use, the easier you can sell your products. Plus, you can guarantee you’re not wasting your time using the wrong platforms and get to your audience faster.
  • How do I want to impact my customers? – Do you want to change their mind or further establish their morals?

Vision and Main Objectives

  • What is your proudest moment and why? – How did it lead to where you are today and what products you have to offer? What are the core values used to guide your business decisions?
  • Where do you need to improve and why? – Can you show your customers what the future looks like with your business or products? Can you show them you value their opinions or ideas?

Competitive Edge

  • What makes you or your company so special? – In other words, what are your mission and goals outlined for your business?
  • What makes you different and unique? – Who are your competitors, and how do you stand out?

Brand Identity

  • How do you define and describe your brand? – If you had one word to define your business, what would it be? What about color or an object? Do you want to be educational, entertaining, or inspirational?

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As you answer each of these questions, find a creative and innovative way to put it together organized and consistent with your goals and understanding of your target audience. If you can answer these questions, you can better lead a successful and profitable business whether you develop a brand story or not.

Know your audience so that when developing your brand, you know what will speak to them. If you build your brand properly, you can create loyal, lifetime customers who can’t wait to tell others about your business. For more information, download my free checklist, Branding For Small Businesses to help you reinforce the objectives of your business and communicate to your audience what your business is.

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