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How Can You Get The Attention Of Your Audience?

Crafting engaging content that gets the attention of your audience is one of the major challenges that the majority of marketers face. Marketing surveys show that more than half of marketers struggle with creating enough engaging content.

Did you know that the human brain is wired or attracted to stories? This is because stories are how the human brain learns, grows, and remembers things. Through stories, you can better remember important events and communicate or connect with your peers and audience.

Your stories need a good hook to grab your audience’s attention and keep them around to inspire action in some way to benefit your business. The hook is the first 15 to 20 seconds of your content that sparks interest in your audience. The purpose is to draw them in to read further, listen or watch your story.

Here are 7 ways to hook your audience and keep their attention.

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7 Ways to Get The Attention of Your Audience (And Keep them Hooked)

1. Ask Questions

Attention Of Your AudienceGet your audience fueling for more by asking a series of rhetorical questions or instruct the audience to write their answers down as they go along. Most people like to be involved and getting them to do something easy will spark their curiosity.

2. Be Humorous

A common way to hook an audience is by starting with a relatable and funny joke. However, it’s important to note to never use your audience or anyone else as the “butt” of the joke, as this can quickly lead to the opposite reaction.

3. Be Controversial

Use shock value or thought-provoking statements to lock your audience in. Bring up their problems or a shocking fact that relates to your business and how you can solve it for them.

4. Start with A Catchy Phrase or Sound

Use the element of surprise and wake up your audience. Develop a catchy phrase that is repeatable and memorable to make your audience feel like they’re involved and a part of a community.

5. Start with Imagination

Help your audience imagine their world differently or to go along another journey for just a moment. Create something to catch them off guard and wonder what’s next and build a mental picture. These images become more personal and emotional, creating a deeper connection with your audience and making them want to stick around for more.

6. Use Curiosity

Spark their curiosity with a fun fact, different perspectives, or dramatic experience into your life that reflects the goals of your business.

7. Show or Tell Them the Ending

A common visual hook used on YouTube is to show the audience the ending and then guide them through how they got there.  This is a “wow-factor” way to entice your audience to stay around and continue watching.

Free Checklist: The 5 Step Content Strategy

Your written, visual and oral content all need a hook to get the attention of your audience. Find the hook that is right for your audience and be sure to include one for each piece of content you develop for your brand.  A clearly defined approach to how you handle the content side of your business will make your life easier.  Download the free checklist, The 5 Step Content Strategy to discover the key content marketing tactics used by the most successful online entrepreneurs


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