How To Create A Continuous Stream Of Better Blog Content

8 Tips For Better Blog Content

Creating a continuous stream of better blog content is a lot easier than you may think. Being able to keep effective and interesting content flowing to your blog on a regular basis will boost your brand awareness, help establish as an authority in your niche, increase engagement and encourage more people to sign up to your email list. Not to mention help you make more money.

What’s more, if you have the right blog writing formula, it’ll come to you easily and you’ll never struggle for content ideas again.

How To Write Better Blog Posts

The thing about writing blog posts is that it’s honestly not that hard to do. If you can speak Better Blog Contentabout something with intelligence, you can write a blog post. And it’s no secret that practice makes perfect. Writing is a skill that gets easier and better the more you do it.

If you do it every day, you’ll create a process that automatically gets your creative juices flowing and signals to the brain that it’s time to write. Soon, you’ll be able to create content on demand without much thought at all.

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1. Repurpose What You Have

Look at your most popular content according to your analytics and engagement. Turn this content into different forms, and expand the content by adding case studies and more data. Turn a ten-point blog post into ten more in-depth blog posts about each point. Create video content and embed that to your blog.

2. Read Group Discussions

Even if you don’t have your own group yet to run ideas by, join groups that consist of your audience and read the active discussions. The ones where people ask questions and people offer a lot of different answers are the best places to get ideas. Every question can be a blog post and the discussions can help you come up with more ideas.

3. Take Notes 

Keep a notepad near you or use your smartphone to take notes about conversations, questions, and other information as you see it and hear it. You’ll often get ideas while driving your car, taking a jog, or listening to other people talk. Keeping notes and writing it all down will help.

4. Use Technology

There are idea generators like the blog ideas generator from Hubspot. Simply type your topic into the text field and it will give you ideas for content. Even if what it generates isn’t perfect, it may get your creative juices flowing enough to help you come up with more ideas.


The website, is an amazing place to get ideas. You’ll see a lot of questions here that people are actually asking online. You can type a topic into the search bar to find the kind of questions that you can answer in your next blog post.

6. Create a Calendar 

Based on your product launches, including your own and those that you promote, create a content calendar that is designed to inform, educate, engage, and activate your audience.

7. Create Trending Content

Outside your calendar, you’ll want to keep your blog exciting by adding in trending, newsworthy content that’s all about what’s happening right now in your industry.

8. Use Private Label Content

A great way to get content that you can use for your blog is to buy private label rights content (PLR). This is content that you have the right to buy and use as your own in many ways. This type of content can help you come up with many ideas, act as research, and be used with few changes.

Free Checklist: 21 Days To Better Blog Content

When you understand who your audience is and what your goal is with the content you’re publishing, it will be a lot easier to come up with ideas that are original, thought-provoking, fresh and effective in meeting the enjoyment and needs of your audience.

Creating better blog content has a lot to do with the perception your audience has of the content, as well as the quality of the information you’re providing. If you want to be known as the authority on your topic within your niche, publishing high-value blogs on a regular and consistent basis will get you there. To learn how to write better blog posts, download my free checklist, 21 Days To A Better Blog and start marketing your blog to achieve the results you deserve.

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