How To Create Interactive Content To Boost Engagement

Boost Engagement with Interactive Content

It takes more than your regular blog posts and static content to get the attention of your audience these days. Thankfully, adding interactive content to boost engagement is no longer something only big businesses can do.

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Interactive content is content that your audience needs to interact with to get the benefits. For example, a challenge, a calculator, a quiz or video – as long as the content encourages and requires users to engage with it, it qualifies as interactive content. Using interactive content can engage users in new ways while increasing their attention span so they can grasp the information you’re trying to communicate.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

10 Ways To Use Interactive Content

1. Contests

This is a great way to get customers engaged with your business on a level that helps them bring in new customers through their advocacy. Ask your customers to make a video about why they like your product or service, submit it to a platform you like, and then they should invite their friends to vote. The highest vote-getter wins.

2. Calculators

Depending on your niche, a type of calculator you can access to help your customers will benefit. Calorie calculators, timers, reminders, and anything like that are useful.

Interactive Content3. Quizzes

You can use quizzes to help point your customers to the right information for them. For example, if you offer three levels of coaching, the quiz can tell them which level they need to start with.

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4. Polls

Hosting a daily poll with your audience is a great way to boost engagement and increase communication among your users.

5. Surveys

Want to know what your users think? Ask them. The best surveys are short and to the point to get the type of answers you need.

6. Assessments

If you have a niche that you teach several levels to or you offer lessons on how to do something, providing easy-to-take assessments that gauge where they are and how they’re doing is a great way to bring in interactive content.

7. Interactive Video

Even just letting your users stop and start the videos you publish is a helpful way to turn any video interactive.

8. Interactive Infographics

You can set up infographics now that respond to clicks, making the infographic interactive. If you want to showcase individual stats in more than one type of graph, this is a great way to do it.

9. Interactive White Papers

This is not much different from the idea above of interactive infographics that offer more than one type of graph view to the user, but the white paper offers more text.

10. Challenges

When you challenge someone to achieve a certain set of results, as long as you keep the competition low-key and friendly, this is an enjoyable process for everyone. Your audience can connect with other challenge participants and enjoy the process as well.

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You can add interactive content in all stages of the buying journey to help engage with your audience more. If the content appeals to your ideal buyer, any interactive content you add to your content marketing strategy will see significant results in terms of better engagement and, of course, sales.

Challenges are one of the most fun ways to drive traffic to your site, increase brand awareness, create a buzz about your products and services, and boost sales at the same time. Download my free checklist, Running An Online Challenge, and get more people interacting with your website to expand your email list, drive sales and generate profits for your business.


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