10 Ways to Use YouTube to Market Your Business

How to Use YouTube to Market Your Business

YouTube is an effective social media marketing platform for your business, whether it’s local or international. It doesn’t matter if you sell information, services, or products – you can use YouTube to market your business.

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The important thing about YouTube is that people turn to it to find information. Many people almost use it as a search engine. If they want to know how to do something, this is the first place they look – even before using Google. It might be how to bake a cake, how to screw in a light bulb, or something more substantial like how to overcome financial disaster. It’s all there, and you can add yours too because there’s room for everyone to find their audience on YouTube

10 Ways to Use YouTube to Market Your Business

1. Create Interesting and Relevant Content

If the content that you create and publish isn’t interesting and something your audience wants to know about, then it won’t get views. Get to know your audience so that the content you share is just what they want.

2. Use Keywords Everywhere You Can

Use YouTube to Market Your BusinessRemember to use keywords throughout your video in titles, descriptions, tags, file names, and anyplace that you can put them. Don’t always use the same keywords, though. Make sure you do your research regularly so you can find trending keywords, competitor keywords, and more.

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3. Choose the Best Thumbnail

When you publish your videos, pay attention to the thumbnails you use. You want the thumbnail like the title to let the viewer know what’s inside before they click. It should make them wonder what they’d miss out on if they didn’t click to watch. Pictures that include faces, whether animal or human, usually perform best.

4. Include Calls to Action

In every single video, you need to include several calls to action if they’re relevant. Calls to action include things like asking the viewers to rate your video, share, follow on other platforms, subscribe, leave a comment, answer a special question, win a prize, download a freebie and so forth.

5. Create Video Responses

One way to get attention is to respond to other people’s videos or use videos to respond to a blog post, news report, industry news, etc. If it’s popular right now, it’ll be something people are searching for information for.

6. Create Relevant Playlists

To make it easier for your audience to get your information, help them by creating organized playlists separated by video type or subject and information. That will help more people find you.

7. Pay to Promote

Definitely pay to promote your videos. If it’s important to post, it’s important to promote. If you wouldn’t spend money advertising, why would you spend money posting it? Of course, you may not have the funds and that’s understandable, but know that with paid promotion, you will grow faster.

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8. Create Advertisements through Google Ads

Even if you don’t want to have a YouTube channel that you post to all the time, you can create video ads to place on other people’s videos. These types of videos are run through Google Ads.

9. Join with Influencers

Another way to use YouTube without even having your own channel is to work with influencers. The right influencer works with your ideal audience, selling or providing something that is not in direct competition with your offers.

10. Comment and Answer Questions

When you do post videos, always read your comments, respond to people in a timely manner, and monitor your comment area for spam that needs to be deleted. You never know who you’ll meet in comments that will become your next best customer.

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Video is now the primary way people want to learn, shop, and interact online. YouTube now reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network and it’s accelerating fast. In fact, the search engines are already favouring video in their search results even if it’s newer and has less authority than the equivalent content in written form. This means you no longer have a choice whether or not to deliver your content through video.

This free YouTube cheat-sheet gives you 22 simple tricks to help you use YouTube to market your business. It’s a quick and easy read (only about 5 minutes) and you can start applying these tactics to your videos to get them ranking higher and generating more traffic from both YouTube and Google today.

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