How To Market Your Business In LinkedIn

Market Your Business In Linkedin
You get a much more professional, business-oriented experience on LinkedIn than on other social media sites.

LinkedIn is a social media network and all social media sites are social in nature. People go to these sites to socialize and meet others with similar interests, and not to have you try and sell them on your products and services.

Having said that, the business professionals you will meet on LinkedIn are definitely more likely to join you in a business venture or become a customer than those you engage with on Facebook or Twitter.

If you know how to market your business in LinkedIn, it can prove to be a very effective way to find new customers, partners and connections.

7 Smart Ways To Market Your Business In LinkedIn

A LinkedIn marketing strategy is more than just creating a partial profile, disappearing and then expecting new clients to magically come your way. You will need to create an awesome profile and actively seek to engage others.

Create a Profile For Your Business

As well as having your own personal profile on LinkedIn, create a separate one for your business. Not every company uses LinkedIn, so you’re already at an advantage in terms of having less competition to deal with. A brief but interesting ‘About’ section ensures that people instantly get some information about what your business does and who you are. Use the banner slot to make your logo noticeable and memorable. A good idea from a design aspect is to have something unique to LinkedIn printed on the banner which allows people to view your business as unique and personal.

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Find Customers

If your clients are regular everyday people, then you might not have huge success using LinkedIn to find customers. But if you cater to people who are in business themselves, then this network is a great place to find new customers. Just check your contact’s networks for people that might be interested in your services and send them a message or a contact request. Just try not to compete with the contacts you’re finding them through. That’s likely to lose you more clients than you make.

Keep Up Customer Relations

In today’s market, customer service is key, particularly if you do business online. If you don’t provide people with the kind of relationship they want, they can find ten other people who are willing to. LinkedIn is a great way to communicate with your customers and help keep them happy. If they’re happy, you’ll not only keep their business, but they may just recommend you to their friends and business associates.

Include Examples of Your Work

LinkedIn offers you the ability to upload examples of your work that other sites don’t. Even if you cannot include actual samples due to non-disclosure agreements, create some examples for your portfolio that can be shared. People want to see what your business can do, and you have an unprecedented opportunity to impress them. Most online professional social networks don’t offer such an organized means of sharing your work, allowing a lot of information to get lost. Also with LinkedIn you can easily add in video. Some great examples to use are a video introduction, recorded presentations and speeches, and how-to videos. These will show your expertise in a way that resonates with your audience.

Ask for Recommendations

LinkedIn offers an easy way to ask for recommendations. Be sure to take advantage of it but go a step further by personalizing your requests rather than sending a mass message that is the same to everyone. You’ll get a better response and they’ll appreciate you having taken the time to remind them about what you did, the results of what you did, and how you remember them.

Contribute Content 

One of the best ways to use Linkedin for business is to become a LinkedIn publisher.  To do this, click on the little paperclip on the right side of the status bar. This enables you to create longer articles than a normal status update. Use this to contribute professional articles with images. Don’t use it as a way to blog, but use it as a way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Show your expertise by sharing important information about your industry from trusted sources. Make comments on what you share, to add to and start a discussion about the information that you’re sharing. Even if you disagree with what you’re sharing, say so with evidence-based research why.

Engage with Other Members

When trying to build relationships and make connections, it’s imperative that you also contribute to other people’s conversations, questions, and messages. This is how to use Linkedin for business networking. It will help you showcase your expertise but also your willingness to communicate with others, making you stand out from the rest. You can find out who has seen your profile and if they look like someone who needs the services that you provide. Be sure to send them an InMail, or if they have provided enough information, contact them outside of LinkedIn to see if they need the services or products you’re offering.

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LinkedIn is often called the Facebook for business professionals. But when you market your business in LinkedIn, quality is far more important than quantity. You get a much more professional, business-oriented experience on LinkedIn than on Facebook.

This means you can connect with legitimate business leads, expand your circle of influence, grow your business, and improve sales and profits. For more tips and best practices on how to use Linkedin for business marketing download my free LinkedIn Marketing Guide.

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