3 Types Of Ads That Improve Your Conversion Rate

How To Improve Your Conversion Rate

To improve your conversion rate, you need to know what works with your audience and what doesn’t. Your potential customers have specific expectations, needs, wants and pain points. So make them an offer they can’t or won’t want to refuse!

Sometimes, it’s fine if people don’t convert the first time. Maybe they don’t have the money to buy your product or maybe they won’t need it until later. But a well-written ad copy with good visuals, intriguing offers, and a compelling call to action will stick in your customers’ minds. And they may come back later and convert.

Let’s look at three types of ads that can improve your conversion rate.

1: Messenger Ads

On average, 56% of people would rather message than call customer service and 53% of peopleImprove Your Conversion Rate are likely to shop with a brand they can message directly. And two billion messages are sent between customers and businesses every month.

Facebook Messenger takes advantage of the fact that most of us have no interest in calling customer service as most people would rather send messages.

Facebook ads can be simple or complex depending on what you like, and they’re of two types – click to Messenger and sponsored message. Both can provide an excellent return on investment.

For both types, you can customize everything, from the initial message to the custom responses users can choose from. And if you want to direct your prospective customers to specific pages on your website, you can use hyperlink buttons instead of suggested replies. By using a combination of buttons and replies, you can improve the speed and the level of personalized customer interactions.

2: Testimonial Ads

Testimonial ads have persuasive energy, which makes them more believable. You can create testimonial ads based on customers, celebrities and expert experiences with your product or service.

Customer testimonial ads are the ones you find on Amazon. They are informative and persuasive. Adding a few flaws is good too, because it makes them more believable.

To come up with testimonial ads, select a few of your customers with interesting and amusing stories to tell about your product or service. Use their experience to build an interactive testimonial ad.

Conduct customer interviews once a month and create your adverts from those interviews. Let customers approve them first, then post them on social media. You can also create a testimonial ad based on customers using your product for the first time and comparing it to other products and explaining why they decided to switch. This is a good way to improve your sales and convert skeptical buyers.

3: Reminder Ads

Reminder ads remind your target market that a product or service is available. These ads strengthen previous promotional information.

Create your reminder ads by repeatedly using the name of the product, testimonials from past customers and customer reviews. This will help to remind past clients that certain products or services are available. By using these ads properly, you’ll attract new customers too.

These ads keep your audience interested in and aware of a well-established product at the end of the product life cycle. For instance, Coca-Cola uses reminder advertising to maintain its position in the market. The company uses past packaging and advertisements that go back to the beginning of the brand.

Avoiding A Low Conversion Rate

The most crucial element of your marketing campaign is your target audience. An undefined wide audience will not be as interested in your campaign as a well-defined one. The more segmented your audience is, the easier it becomes to figure out how they’ll respond to your ads. Vague and generic messages will not resonate with audiences, so it’s essential to use specific and direct communication.

Creating a small and focused campaign that targets a specific audience helps you to speak directly to your audience. A campaign will resonate more with the audience when they can relate directly to the message.

How To Increase Conversion Rate Facebook Ads

Competition has led to a considerable increase in advertising costs and Facebook remains a powerful advertising tool. Although everything about Facebook isn’t perfect, the truth is that with more than two billion users per month, Facebook advertising strategies still work.

Yes, they do make changes to their Facebook advertising guidelines without notice which can be frustrating. But if you remain diligent and watch your ad spend and results carefully, you’ll get a good return on your investment.

To help increase your customer conversion rate, download my free checklist How To Run Successful Facebook Ads and make the best use of your social media advertising on Facebook.

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