Is It Time For You To Go Live On Social Media?

5 Reasons Your Business Should Go Live On Social Media

Have you noticed that lots of people have started to go live on social media these days? With many live streaming social media apps joining the bandwagon and allowing their users to easily go live and create videos for their followers, it’s no surprise that so many small businesses are getting involved and using this strategy to their advantage.

You might feel a bit nervous or anxious about the first time you use social media live video but it’s definitely a feature worth investing some time and effort in. There are many different benefits and advantages for your blog or website if you go live on social media, and here are just a few of the reasons you should.

Why Go Live On Social Media?

1. Remind Your Followers About You

Live On social media

Live video streaming connects with your audience in a way that text, images and recorded video can’t.

When you go live on social media, it’s a super-fast way to get in touch with your audience and let them know that you’re active and online. Your followers will receive a notification to say that you’ve gone live, and you’ll be able to see just how many of them are engaged with you and are watching the video as it is live.

As a result, it allows people who wouldn’t otherwise make a point of visiting your page to check out your live video. For example, somebody may have been following you for quite a while but has not engaged with your content for some time. A notification that you have gone live is less full-on than a message straight from you, but still allows them to engage if they want.

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2. Videos Are More Engaging Than Other Content

Rather than posting text and images, you will gain a lot more attention by posting a video. While you can post a video that you’ve already filmed, it’s definitely worthwhile having a go with a social media live feed because they’re more catchy and engaging that pre-recorded videos.

With live videos, you don’t have the chance to edit them and add in fancy features that you might normally do with your pre-recorded videos. As a result, your audience will greatly appreciate this as they’re watching something at the exact moment it’s happening. It allows them an insight into the real you or the real business that you are operating from behind your website, blog and social media.

Statistics show that people are likely to spend 3-4 times as long watching a live video than a pre-recorded video, which means your audience is engaged with you for much longer.

3. It’s Easy And Accessible

It’s incredibly easy to start a live video on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you have a smart phone which is less than a couple of years old, you’re probably well prepared. The cameras on today’s smart phones provide video quality which could only be found on expensive standalone video cameras just a few years ago.

If things aren’t going well, you can just take it down and start again. Once you remove the video, nobody will be able to continue watching it, and they won’t be able to find the previous content that you have filmed either.

4. It Allows You Audience To Engage In Real Time

Live videos are a great way of allowing your audience to learn more about you, trust you quicker and stay more engaged. This is particularly good for new followers and people who may not have had a chance yet to explore your website or blog and decide whether they want to get more on board and follow you in the long run.

Rather than commenting and sharing after the video has been recorded, edited and posted, people watching the video are able to comment in real time and share their thoughts and opinions. If this is a challenge that you’re doing, you’ll be able to get encouragement and support from your followers. Or you might be carrying out a task that requires some input from your audience so live filming would prove to be very useful.

5. Adds More Variety

One of the reasons why many bloggers and online business entrepreneurs lose followers or seem to have a crowd of followers who are not engaged with them is usually because the content they are producing is boring. Although it’s a good idea to produce new blog posts and post images of what you have been doing, there’s nothing quite like a video.

The great thing about videos is that it allows people to see and experience so much more, and a live video is able to take this to the next level since they can watch the content in real time. Be careful, however, that you don’t over-do live videos, particularly since they send notifications to your followers. Too much will cause people to unfollow you much quicker than you would like.

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For the past couple of years, video has been the preferred form of internet access. More people engage in video than ever before.  If most people online are engaging in video, it makes sense that your marketing efforts should take advantage of the growth of live streaming. Your smart phone has everything you need to get started today. Download my free checklist, The Power Of Live Video that reveals proven tips for successful live video marketing for online entrepreneurs.

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