10 Reasons Why You’re Losing Email Subscribers

How To Keep Your Email Subscribers

Every online entrepreneur works hard to build a list of email subscribers. The people who have signed up to your email list haven’t done it because they’ve got nothing better to do. They have given you their email address because they are genuinely interested in what you and your business has to offer.

You’ve no doubt gone to a lot of effort to get somebody to join your email subscriber list. But are they then unsubscribing almost as soon as they’ve signed up?

Here are 10 reasons why you might be losing email subscribers. Remember that you have to take care with your email list. Treat them all as potential customers, because that’s what they are.

10 Reasons Why You’re Losing Email Subscribers

1. You’re Not paying Attention To Your List

Email Subscribers

Are you losing subscribers quicker than you gain them?

If you are losing many email subscribers, re-evaluate your emails, offers and check for errors in the autoresponder delivery process. However, don’t get caught up in the “what if they unsubscribe if I send too many offers or too many emails.” There will be unsubscribers no matter what you do. The loyal customers will always stay, and it’s okay to let the non-buyers weed themselves out! When people unsubscribe, move on, and focus on the customers that remain. You need a thick skin when it comes to email marketing, or any online marketing, push forward no matter what.

2. Constantly Sending Sales Messages

You might know how to get email subscribers by offering something of value in return for their email address. But once they are on your list it doesn’t mean that they are ready to buy from you. People joined your list because they thought you offered value. They will unsubscribe if all you do is blast out sales messages. Your email subscribers have to get to know, like and trust you. Give them special perks, freebies, bonuses, and coupons. Let them know in the email that this is only for your subscribers. Make them feel they are appreciated for opening and reading your emails.

3. They Can’t Read Your Emails

Be careful when using HTML only email messages versus plain text in emails. Some people’s email programs can’t display HTML or images properly, or they may have set their email for text only. All top autoresponder services offer the option to send both text and HTML messages.

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4. You’re Not Being You

Today, the importance of effective consumer relations can’t be ignored and you’re not likely to meet your online customers face-to-face. Your only interaction is via email.Email marketing is still the single most effective form of online relationship building. To make it more personal,  sign your emails with your name and make sure your list knows your name. Share little snippets of your life, portray yourself as a human, not a sales machine. Credibility is one of the most important assets a marketer has in email campaigns.

5. Your Subject Line Is Boring

The subject line of your email is critical to getting your subscribers to even open the email. Make sure your subject lines are enticing and not generic ones. Consider “New Product” versus “101 Piece Weight Loss Pack Dimesale.” The tactic of being vague can work and get people to open the email, but it can also make them feel like they’re always wasting their time with your messages having to open and read through offers that don’t apply to them. And if they don’t think that too many of your offers don’t apply to them, they’ll unsubscribe.

6. You’re Attracting The Wrong Audience

It’s better to have less subscribers that are highly targeted than to have thousands of untargeted subscribers who will rarely convert. Consider the type of list you want to have. If you plan to promote products and affiliate offers then make sure your email list targets buyers. Don’t expect to see high conversions when you send your weight loss list offers for car insurance and credit cards. If you have different offers for different niches, segment your email lists by interests to make sure you send the most targeted offers to the right people.

7. Poorly Written Emails

Make sure to use proper spelling and grammar when emailing your list. If English is your second language, then outsource it to a qualified professional to proof read your text for you. There are some great freelance writers who don’t charge much money and you’ll have exclusive content to use for your email campaigns and opt-in landing pages. Speak to your email marketing audience in a one on one manner. Connecting with people is one of the best ways to increase conversions and stop people from unsubscribing.

8. Your Readers Don’t Know What You Want Them To Do

If your emails are confusing, your readers will unsubscribe. It’s best to get to the point quickly in your emails, be it an offer or information. Offers should be mentioned at the beginning of the email text, and quickly restated again at the end. For example, “Here’s the link again,”  or “Remember the sale ends in 3 days.” All links in emails and newsletters should be bright blue. It’s what people are used to and will yield the best click through rates.

9. Know How To Use Your Autoresponder Correctly

Effective email marketing needs effective autoresponder software. It’s a valuable tool that allows you to set parts of your email marketing campaigns on autopilot. Make sure you know how to use your autoresponder correctly and its features are compatible with mobile devices. A high percentage of people use smartphones and tablets to access the web. It’s worth it to pay a little more for an autoresponder that’s easy to use and has features that facilitate success.

10. You Don’t Have A Sales Funnel

People become your email subscribers for a reason. They want to know more about you and your products and services. If you just randomly send emails, sometimes with information and the occasional sales offer thrown in every now and then, your messages may appear to be disorganized and muddled. A solid email marketing sales funnel guides your email subscribers through a pre-planned series so that they get all the information they need, in the correct order. They will see that you understand their wants and desires and that you have the products and services that can fulfill their needs.

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Don’t get discouraged if your email subscribers aren’t as responsive to your offers as you’d like. Test and make changes to find what works. Don’t view your list as a bunch of dollar signs, view them as real people, and look to solve their problems, no matter what the niche. For more information, download my free Email Marketing Sales Funnel Checklist that outlines the best practices for converting your email subscribers into paying customers.

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