8 Steps To Marketing Your Blog To Boost Readership And Results

Marketing Your Blog To Get The Results You Want

Writing a blog for your business, no matter what type of business you have, is one of the best things you can do for marketing your business. Blogging adds relevant and interesting content to your website and helps bring more visitors to your site.

It also helps show your expertise so that your audience trusts you, and due to that, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase from you – whether that requires they go to your brick and mortar store or click “Buy Now” on your website.

If you really want to be successful with your blog, you need to develop your blog marketing strategy. Here are 8 ways to start marketing your blog to get the word out and the readers in.

How To Start Marketing Your Blog

Set Your Goals

Remember that you need to set goals first. For example, if your plan is aboutBenefits Of Blogging building blog followers by 1000 in 90 days, that’s a good goal to have. But, you need to add to that goal how you’ll do it.

For example, “I’ll increase my blog followers by 1000 within 90 days through paid advertisements, publishing relevant blogs daily during those 90 days, and sharing them with my email list and social media connections.”

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Understand Your Audience

If you don’t know who your audience is, it will be difficult to create the right content, know what solutions to market to them, and how to get in front of your audience. Take the time to study your blog audience demographics and create an audience persona (or a few) so that you know who you’re creating something for.

Determine Topic Ideas

Once you’re ready with that information, start writing down topic ideas. It may help to stick to five or fewer categories in which the content will live. That way you can keep the blog narrow and not branch out too widely, keeping the interest of your ideal audience member.

Develop a Content Calendar

Now that you have topic ideas, you’ll want to develop a content calendar so that when you’re ready, you can just look at the calendar and create it. You don’t want to be brainstorming when you’re ready to write, curating content or when you’re searching for PLR. PLR, (Private Label Rights content) is used by some of the top blogs on the internet. It is content that is prewritten by a content producer and you use it by rewriting it, repurposing it and making it your own.

Set Up a Promotion Process

You don’t want to skip anything, so create a checklist of each thing you need to do to promote each blog post that you publish. For example: email list, social media, groups, ads, and so forth.

Be Curious

If you’re curious about your niche and audience, you’re going to be much more interested in learning about your topic and your audience. This means that creating content is going to be a lot easier for you.

Understand the Various Marketing Channels

If you don’t know about all the various marketing channels available to you and that relate to your niche (such as all the social networks you should be on, email marketing, advertising opportunities, live events, and so forth), you may have a hard time getting the word out. Research your opportunities.

Be Persistent

Don’t give up. Blogging for business is part of a long-term customer acquisition process. It’s not going to happen overnight. Some people have to blog consistently for a year before they really start noticing, but if you’ve chosen a niche with an audience and you’re targeting them properly, it will happen. Don’t give up.

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Writing down your plans and setting up a system and process will ensure that you’ll get the results you want. For example, know that when you publish a blog post, you’re also going to send out an email about the blog post along with sharing it with all your social media platforms. Do this every time along with a good internal linking plan, and you will eventually be successful. To learn more blogging tips and how to grow your blog audience download my free checklist, 21 Days To A Better Blog and start marketing your blog to achieve the results you deserve.

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