Improve Your Website Content And Watch Your Email List Grow

10 Tactics To Improve Your Website Content

There are many different types and formats of content that you can create for your audience. When you choose the type of content you want to publish, always ask the question, “What is my goal for this content

One of the top priorities for every business is to continually build a list of emails for marketing purposes. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods that has ever been invented.

If you’re getting clicks on your content but your list isn’t growing, there are many ways to deal with this. When you improve your website content it can grow your email marketing list, because it gives more opportunities for your audience to sign up. Plus, you’ll be giving them a reason to sign up by delivering excellent content that’s targeted toward their needs.

How To Improve Website Content For List Building

1. Add Multiple CTAs

improve your website content

Every piece of content you create needs to work together.

Don’t just put a box on the right side-bar asking for people to sign up for your newsletter. That isn’t enough. Now you need to add CTAs (Call To Action) in numerous areas to get their attention and increase sign-up rates. Put one under each post, on the right side-bar, in a lightbox and inside content with content upgrades.

2. Create Content Upgrades

A terrific and effective way to get more sign-ups is to be more specific by adding content upgrades to the content you offer free. You can do this within a blog post, within articles you publish on social media, and as a guest writer. A content upgrade is a free offering of additional information that goes with the content the viewer is currently consuming. You can add content upgrades to any type of content you want to. You may want to add a link within the content, as well as after the content, and maybe even remarket the upgrade to them by installing the Facebook pixel and setting up a remarketing advertisement.

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3. Cross-Promote Your Content

When you publish content anywhere, have a plan on how you’ll promote the content across all channels. This makes your content better because it looks more cohesive. For example, if you write a blog about eating less sugar, you might share recipes on Pinterest that use less sugar, and videos of recipes on Facebook that use less sugar too.

4. Tweak Titles

If your content is not getting clicked on, you can’t get sign-ups. So, make sure your titles are compelling enough to get people to click through. Don’t trick them, though; be straightforward but clear about what’s inside the content with the titles.

5. Remember to Add Appropriate Headers

When people read online, they need a lot more white space than when reading on paper. Add headers that tell them what’s inside the next paragraph so that they can be propelled to keep reading more.

6. Use the Right Keywords

If you’re not sure what good keywords are, study more about the proper use of keywords so that you can improve SEO. Search engine optimization is important for building your list because that’s how people will find your content in a search.

7. Use a Lightbox Pop-Up to Gate Your Content

You don’t want to turn readers away, but you do want to maximize the potential of the viewer signing up. Add a lightbox pop-up like Sumo List Builder that gates your content. However, don’t make it required. Offer a “No Thank You” option so that you don’t make your repeat visitors angry.

8. Deliver on Your Promises

When people do sign up, remind them of where they signed up, why they signed up, and what you’ll be sending them. Then deliver on those promises. More people will want to open your email messages if they find them valuable.

9. Know Your Audience

Within every single niche, there are more niches. For example, you may have a list of people who want to learn how to play golf. But, maybe you have sub-lists of people who want to improve certain aspects of their game, or they’re interested in the clothing, or they want to deal with their mindset during playing, and so forth. If you can identify these super-niches within your niche and then create content just for them, you’ll get more people to sign up because these things speak directly to your audience.

10. What Is the Goal of the Content?

When you create content it’s imperative that you know what the goal of the content is outside of wanting to build your list. What do you want the person who consumes the content to do after they finish with it? It helps to understand the consumer’s buying cycle so that you can deliver just the right content at the right time, to accomplish the exact goal you want to accomplish.

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The key thing to remember is that every piece of content you create – whether free or paid – needs to work together. When you improve your website content, it pulls more people onto your website and works to put more people onto your email list. Your email list then works to send these potential customers to your paid offerings and other content that you’ve created. It all works in unison.

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