Why You Should Set Up Retargeting Ads For Your Business

What Is Retargeting?

Have you ever visited a website and then later started seeing banners for that website followingSet Up Retargeting Ads you around all over the web? That’s retargeting, also referred to as remarketing (people use those words interchangeably).

You’ll see retargeting ads examples when you visit a website like Amazon. They place a cookie on your computer, and no matter where you go on the internet, they will identify you. Meaning that they can show you ads related to the web pages you visited when you clicked on Amazon’s website.

When you set up retargeting ads, it’s a sure way to supercharge your marketing ROI.

What Are The Benefits When You Set Up Retargeting Ads?

Most likely, your marketing funnel is built to drive brand awareness and increase conversions.

When you set up retargeting ads they can assist with both of these objectives. This is because you have the space to create direct, unique, personalized ads.

Take a look at these retargeting statistics below.

  • 3 out of 4 customers notice retargeted ads
  • Retargeted ads on Facebook are 76% more likely to get clicks than regular display ads
  • If you leverage retargeting along with other channels, you can sell 50% more

Although a standard sales funnel can be effective, most are impassive. Not so long ago, marketers had no option but to create their own marketing strategies based on audience analytics and market research.

But thanks to the power of retargeting, you can now continue communicating with customers and prospects without needing to email or call them on the phone.

Click Here: How To Set Up Retargeting Ads

Target a Specific Audience and Deliver Tailored Value

Retargeting also opens your marketing up to a number of other campaigns. It’s not as simple as “Well, if they hit a product page, I’m just going to follow them around with that banner.”

But rather it works like this.

If a website visitor reads one of your blog posts and the topic was about creating a marketing funnel, you can follow them around on the internet and perhaps offer a free marketing funnel eBook in the form of a display ad.

Then, once they opt-in through the eBook, they’re placed onto another pixel on Facebook. Facebook knows these people have opted in for your eBook (probably a warm lead), so the next step might be to catch them with a webinar or compel them to buy a product.

What happens then? The lead in question filters through the funnel.

set up retargeting ads

Push Leads Through the Funnel Faster

The idea behind any marketing funnel is to move people down through the various stages. If you know they usually purchase after five touches with your brand, try to see if you can cut that down to two or three with the addition of retargeting.

Research has shown that 92% of customers don’t purchase on their first visit to a website, which is exactly why you need to follow them around and make sure they enter back into the funnel at the right stage.

In order to do that, you’ll need to retarget them with fresh content. If someone comes to your homepage and they don’t convert when you do a remarketing campaign, do you think you should send them back to your homepage?

No! They obviously didn’t resonate with the content there, so try to nudge them back onto your website with something new.

Retargeting Is About Developing Relationships

Just like dating, the key to remarketing is building relationships and trust. Someone comes to your website, they don’t buy, you remarket to them, and they keep seeing your ads elsewhere on the internet.

Soon, they begin to feel and think like they know you, and are now more likely to give you a chance, which they won’t give to a total stranger.

By the way, the “rule of seven” works well with remarketing, too:

The process remarketing follows is this:

  1. Earn your site visitors and potential customers’ trust by making them comfortable with you.
  2. Gently push to get them back to your site by educating them further through blog posts, webinars, training materials and email follow-up sequences.
  3. Ask them to make a purchase. Your audience is much more likely to convert if they’ve already invested in trusting you.

As with all aspects of digital marketing, retargeting requires a consistent application. It may take a few months to see any ROI, and you may even have to test and tweak your messaging.

The more you know your audience, the better you can retarget them as they work through your marketing funnel. The next thing you know, you’ll have customers saying, “It’s almost as if they read my mind and know exactly what I want.”

Remember That Clicks Don’t Equal Money In The Bank

It goes without saying that your marketing funnel, which is the process that guides a prospect, taking them from stranger to customer, is one of the most important, and effective assets in your marketing arsenal. So, if you want to take your marketing conversions to a new and exciting level, your funnels will need to include some form of retargeting which in practical terms involves the monitoring of your customers’ behavior and using that info to push them back to your website.

The data you get from individual ad networks only gives you part of your buyer’s story. You need to know how your ads are influencing contacts at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Using software like the Hubspot Ad Tool, you can track the ROI of your Facebook ads, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google advertising with precision.

How To Set Up Retargeting Ads & Step-Up Your Advertising Game

Retargeting is an inexpensive and effective way to get the right eyes on your offers. It’s not hard because you don’t have to figure out the audience to target. It’s a matter of installing a pixel (some code) to your site, which is very easy to do with directions or a plugin to help. Then you’re live before you know it. To help you set up retargeting ads for your business, check out this resource, Retargeting: Step-Up Your Advertising Game for a step-by-step guide on how to set up retargeting ads on Facebook, Google and other online media to improve your sales and get more list members.