How To Use Your Knowledge To Create Digital Products That Sell

5 Ways To Create Digital Products

Create Digital ProductsKnowledge is power. But how can you turn your knowledge and expertise into inspiring digital products that you can sell online?

For a content marketer, skills and expertise are only powerful if you can convert them into a product, service, sales and income. And the great thing is when you create digital products,  you create them once and can sell them over and over again.

We live in an increasingly diverse market and it’s relatively easy to turn your expertise into digital products. There are a great number of entrepreneurs who are earning money by teaching what they know. You can do it too!

Here are 5 ways to create digital products to share your knowledge, skills, talents, opinions or passion and potentially earn income along the way.

How To Create Digital Downloads To Sell

1. Creating Ebooks

Are you an expert on a certain topic? Consider packaging your knowledge and expertise into an ebook and selling it to others who are eager to learn. People are constantly looking to expand their knowledge. Offer this resource to your customers to help them become better in the long run.

You can create and give away free ebooks at the beginning of your sales funnel to generate new leads or sell your other digital products. This strategy is great, especially if you’re new and starting from scratch.

By creating ‘how-to’ guides and offering valuable information to your readers, you can convert your knowledge into digital products and earn money online.

It’s easier to find content for an ebook than you think. For instance, you can:

  • Convert your best blogs into ebooks
  • Dictate and convert your audio notes into an ebook
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2. Creating Online Courses

Online courses are one of the most profitable digital products. The primary advantage of teaching an online course is that you only need to record it once, and then you can sell it to as many customers as you like.

Also, you can build a community of students, and keep upgrading your content or creating subsequent courses. This way, you’ll have a pool of customers ready to buy your content.

Today, over 50% of all students in the US have taken an online course. So there’s a huge demand for online courses and you don’t want to miss out.

One of the best ways to get your first customers is to offer the course for free at the beginning and ask your students for reviews. Once you get enough reviews, you can charge for the course and people will flock to it because of social proof.

So if you’re an expert on a particular topic, then packaging your knowledge into an online course is the best way to turn your expertise into digital products and start generating income.

3. Photography

Do you have an eye for great pictures? If so, consider converting your expertise into a profitable online business. You can sell your pictures individually or you can compile them into a subscription-based bundle to keep customers.

Today, high-quality, premium images are one of the most sought-after digital products. The biggest consumers of online images are bloggers and site owners.

Having said that, stock photography has commoditized the market, making it hard to sell photos. But if you have the expertise to take spectacular images (not the cheesy stuff you find on stock websites), you can command fair prices.

If you’re a photographer, you can battle stock sites by selling your images on your site for the price they’re worth. A website is a crucial part of a photographer’s portfolio.  It helps to showcase your work beautifully, raising your profile. Through competitive pricing and high-quality images, you can sell your images or client-commissioned photos on your website.

4. Creating Graphics

If you’re a graphic designer or digital artist, you can create different unique and valuable digital products – from logos, to PSD templates, to PowerPoint themes, to original artworks. As a designer, you can apply your knowledge in different ways to create digital products for sale.

Graphic designers can create and sell patterns, card designs, backgrounds, brushes, UI assets, etc. Also, if you can create artwork digitally, it’s worth selling it online. However, make sure you license it correctly.

5. Creating Videos

Video is a popular and efficient way of delivering content online. Video content is educational, informative, and entertaining. It’s more engaging than text, and it can be consumed easily by clicking a play button and watching. Internet users love video, and in most cases, they’re happy to pay for it. With a little editing time, you can turn your passion and knowledge into videos and sell them online.

Many entrepreneurs avoid video because they think it’s too time-consuming and laborious because of the editing, aspect ratios and file formats to fiddle with. But now, with cutting edge video marketing software it’s easier to create videos with less effort than you ever thought possible.

Want To Create Digital Products? Start With An eBook 

When you create digital products, remember to focus on quality rather than quantity. Creating digital products that are high-quality and add value to people’s lives will always be a winner.

For one of your first products to create why not consider an ebook? You may think it’s a pretty simple process. On the other hand, you might think researching, writing, formatting, publishing and marketing your ebook is incredibly difficult. The reality of the situation is somewhere in between these two. This free How To Write An eBook provides simple guidelines on the best way to write an ebook so you can become a proudly published digital product creator.

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