How To Differentiate Your Brand On Social Media

Does Your Brand On Social Media Stand Out?

If you want to be remembered on social media, it’s imperative that you stand out in a good way. You don’t want to be irritating. You really want your audience to see you as you are, but sometimes that means you must be more of what you are for them to notice.

And you don’t need to be on all the social media platforms. It’s good to be on a couple in case one platform goes away. Don’t laugh,  that can happen.

Even Facebook may not exist in its current form in a few years, so never put all your eggs in one basket. The important thing is to rely on your audience to lead the way along with the goals you have created. Here are 8 ways to differentiate your brand on social media.

8 Ways To Differentiate Your Brand On Social Media

1. Be Where Your Audience Is 

Your Brand on Social Media

The more you’re seen as a resource to your audience, the more you’ll be remembered.

You don’t need to be on all social networks. Of course, you might want to still get an account on some that look promising to grab your name, but the role of social media in brand building is focussing on the platforms that your audience is using.

It’s imperative that you know exactly who your audience is because if you don’t, it’s hard to know what platform to use. Also, some niches are better for different platforms. Look at different platforms to try to figure out how your content would fit in with that platform, but only if your audience is there.

2. Be Yourself Fully 

It’s so important that you find out who you are, and to be that person. In many ways, you’re building your personal brand on social media. Therefore, it shouldn’t be that hard. The problems are that so many people have a hard time being themselves because they don’t know who they are. Keep researching.

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3. Be Generous with Recommendations

You can’t be everything to everyone. It’s okay, you don’t need to be. When someone asks you a question that you know someone else can help them with so much better, tell them about that person.

4. Be Helpful

Always think about how you can help people, and then do that. It doesn’t matter if it makes you money or not. If it helps, that’s all that matters. The more you’re seen as a resource to your audience, the more you’ll be remembered. It can be tempting to start sharing everything on social media. But you don’t want to just post anything. You want to post something that means something, that has a reason for being and a goal in mind.

5. Be Thoughtful on National Days of Observance 

One thing to remember is that knowing the demographics of your audience can help you avoid any issues on social media. Be aware of any national days of observance by your audience and find ways to acknowledge them.

6. Be Aware of Your Story  

Being on social media is sort of like having an ongoing conversation with your audience. However, not everyone remembers, because some people are new. Take the time to bring the past into the future by sharing with your audience struggles from the past or things from the past that can be tied with your offers today.

7. Be Creative with Visuals 

Don’t be lazy about your visuals. Most marketing studies show that on social media, using images can increase shares by up to 35%. That means that it’s important to include images, but you want to include the right type of images to make it work. Use images that relate to your audience. Think about them when you pick any of your images. If you can afford to hire a graphic designer to help with your social media branding design, do it.

8. Be Grateful

Not only should you be grateful to your audience for following you on social media, but you should also show it. Tell them thank you. Have customer appreciation days. Let people know that you value them, and why.

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Differentiating your brand on social media requires that you know who you are. What is your brand voice? What values does your brand represent? Who are your customers and what value do they place on those things?  Then, determine how you can show it through your visuals, your words, and your actions, and do that. Daily.

For more information, download my free checklist, Branding For Small Businesses to get actional tips on how you can reach your target prospects, provide a positively memorable experience related to what you have to offer and improve customer retention.  It’s all about them, after all – not you.