10 Tips To Generate More Website Traffic

How To Generate More Website Traffic

As an internet entrepreneur, you need to know how to generate traffic to your website. The most effective way to generate more website traffic is to use the things that you do regularly, consistently and in a targeted way.

After all, you don’t just want traffic. You want to get more web traffic that is targeted and wants more than your freebie. You want to attract people who really want what you are offering and will buy what you’re offering.

10 Tips To Generate More Website Traffic

1. Plan the Right Content

Generate More Website Traffic

How do people online find your website?

Look at the content on your website that is most popular and create more of that type of content. If you’re just starting out, research content that your audience looks at from your competition and create similar content. Don’t copy, but do deliver to your audience the type of content that they really want. You don’t want to please everyone – just the very specific audience you’re trying to attract.

2. Add Value

Remember that within any one piece of content you create for your website, there’s an opportunity to add value to that content via content upgrades. A content upgrade is content that adds value to the information they’ve already read. To access the content upgrade, your reader would need to submit their email address. For example, if you wrote a post about how to install WordPress in your hosting account, you might also want to include a link to a downloadable checklist to help you do it.

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3. Understand SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important to learn when it comes to getting more website traffic. The process of SEO allows potential customers to find your website via the search engines. For example, using keywords in titles, anchor text, headings, subject lines, meta descriptions and alt text for images that are relevant to your content, you’ll move further up the search engine results. These elements helps the search engines to know that your topic is important to your audience by using terms they’d search for.

4. Promote Your Content

The internet is a busy place and you have to stay one step of your competition. You really need to promote your content just like you would one of your most valuable products or services. Fortunately, using paid traffic to your website does not have to be expensive. For example, Facebook Ads, make it possible to directly target your audience in a very cost effective way.

5. Develop Targeted Freebies

The more freebies and the more subscribers you have into your email list, the better. Create freebies that are targeted toward a need that your audience has. If you can solve one problem for them, create that freebie.

6. Don’t Forget Your List

For each new freebie or blog post, don’t forget to email your list about it so that you can better segment them. That will send more people to your website, plus they’re more likely to share the content with their friends too.

7. Mix Up Content Types

Don’t just use text for content on your site. Search engines like a combination of content. Mix it up and use text, images, video and audio to make the ways you present information to your audience complete.

8. Use Your Analytics

The metrics you can gather from your analytics are very important, because it can tell you what content is getting traffic to your website so that you know what to create more of.

9. Facebook Groups

When you create a Facebook group related to your business, you essentially create a community where people with similar interests can interact with you and each other. Facebook groups generate more website traffic because once you gain trust, make friends, and gain followers, you can promote your business appropriately in these groups

10. Host A Webinar

A webinar is simply a web based seminar where you can share valuable information with a target audience. They have the ability to bring in new potential leads and help you engage with your audience in a new, more personal way. People love in-person events, and when you host a webinar is about as close as you can get to having an in-person event without actually having one. Google Hangouts, YouTube Live and Facebook Live are free online streaming video services you can use to host webinars.

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You can pay for more traffic or you can generate more website traffic for free. Paid traffic is a smart part of a serious online entrepreneur’s marketing plan. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can cost you a lot of money and deliver little to no results.

Free methods methods to generate traffic require regular input by you. But since your financial outlay is zero, and the internet never sleeps, you can employ these free traffic methods anytime of the night or day, whenever you have a few minutes or hours of spare
time. Download my free checklist to see how to get more website traffic free and lower your reliance on potentially costly paid traffic sources.

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