3 Ways Content Marketing Builds Your Business

How Content Marketing Builds Your Business

Content marketing builds your business by communicating with your audience, nurturing relationships with them and helps them to make good purchasing choices. However, if you don’t have a good strategy, it’s hard to accomplish your goals.

Content marketing gives you an effective means to an end that you can’t miss out on. The main reason is that content marketing works. As you’re creating your content marketing strategy and determining what to create, publish and promote, you’ll want to ensure that your content is accomplishing at least 3 things for your audience.

3 Things Your Content Needs To Do For Your Audience

  1. Provide audience niche and product education
  2. Power search engine optimization to build traffic
  3. Drive social media engagement deeper
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1. Education

How Content Marketing Builds Your BusinessThe content you publish should educate your audience, depending on where they are in the buying journey. You can get to them at any point in the process, from before they’re aware of their problem to after awareness and before purchasing. You can even reach them after they purchase to provide product education.

To create educational content, you can create blog posts, eBooks, white papers, reports, and more. You can even create courses, and you can publish testimonials as a way to educate your audience.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is the guiding reason most people publish anything to their blog and website. This is the main reason you do keyword research. The cool thing is that the work you do here, while it’s for the search engines, actually makes it easier for you to get messages and information to your audience too.

To create search engine optimization, you’ll pay close attention to your audience’s needs along with the directions the search engines provide about how to best use SEO. That usually involves keywords in titles, headers, and subject lines.

3. Social Engagement

When you publish blog content, you can also use it on social media by sharing it. This is a common promotional method for content marketing. This gives you something to post on social media, and then an excuse to converse with and engage with your audience in more personal ways.

For example, if you have a post about 10 reasons to do something, you can create ten different social media updates that lead to the main post, but that point out a different issue each time – thus opening your options up for discussion.

Free Checklist: How Content Marketing Builds Your Business

Content marketing builds your business by helping you accomplish your goals while also pleasing your audience. It is an indispensable part of your business marketing strategy. Writing good content is all about following a process that helps you cover all the arguments your audience may have in their mind about the solution you’re recommending.

The content creation process includes preparing, organizing, writing, editing and reviewing. Then, of course, testing and improving as you go. Download my free checklist, The 5 Step Content Strategy to discover 5 key content marketing tactics used by the most successful online entrepreneurs.


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