Why Become An Affiliate Marketer?

8 Reasons To Become An Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer is a business owner who promotes other people’s products and services to their audience for a percentage of sales, a payment per click, or a price per lead.  If you think of it, when you become an affiliate marketer it’s just like selling anything on commission – whether it’s cleaning products, real estate or digital products. If you make a sale, you get paid.

When you find the right product or service to promote, it’s going to fit in with the criteria you set for your business. There are enough products to go around. You don’t have to choose to promote anything that isn’t perfectly aligned with your mission and values for your customers and your business.

Should I Become An Affiliate Marketer?

Companies are happy to pay commissions to people just like you, in return for selling their products and services. When you become an affiliate marketer, you have the potential to generate a new income streams if you choose the right niche, stay committed, and understand your audience.

1. It’s a Legitimate Business Opportunity

Become An Affiliate MarketerBeing an affiliate marketer is an actual business opportunity that anyone can start. It is a legitimate business and you will have to put in some work if you want to be successful. You will need to learn the skills that enable you to find a product and audience to sell to.

Remember this is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. If you start to compromise your reputation as a genuine online business person you will be seen as a scammer and you will have little trust from your customers and very few sales.

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2. Low Startup Costs

To get started, you’ll need a computer, an internet connection, a website, and an understanding of basic affiliate marketing. In the purest form of affiliate marketing, you don’t need your own website as you can just direct prospects to a product sales page. But, if you’re serious about making a success in affiliate marketing, you’ll need your own website or blog.

3. Easy to Start Part Time or Full Time

You can start this type of business even if you have a full-time job as you can do it in your spare time. If you work on your affiliate business during your free time, you still need to be consistent with your online presence. You don’t have to write a blog every day of the week or spend eye-watering amounts of money on advertising every month. The main issue is to be consistent. You can blog once a week, post on social media daily and actively build your email list.

4. Anyone Can Do It

You don’t need to have an existing business to get started but you will need to choose a niche to focus in. Think of topics you enjoy and would like to learn more about. Also, think about the kinds of products you and your family and friends buy regularly. All you need is an audience that you want to help and expertise or information that allows you to choose the right products and services for that audience. Everyone buying through your affiliate link will make you money.

5. Sell Already Made Products and Services

You don’t have to create products or services for your audience when you promote other people’s stuff. This is one of the biggest benefits when you become an affiliate marketer. There’s no need to do the research, develop the product, write the sales letter, set up the sales funnel for customers to purchase the item, and so forth. It’s all been done for you. Your job is to find the right product for your chosen audience.

6. There Are Products in Every Niche

You don’t need to worry about finding products to promote. There are millions of products that you can promote that are perfect for your audience. You’ll want to try out the products to make sure they are of high quality and that the business offers top-notch customer care. Join an affiliate marketplace, and you can have hundreds of products to sell in a matter of minutes. Each time someone clicks through your link and buys a product, you earn a commission.

7. No Need to Keep Track of Inventory

When you promote someone else’s products or services, you don’t need to concern yourself with their inventory. There are bound to be ebbs and flows for what people buy in your niche.  If something is super-hot and is flying off the shelves, then you probably want a piece of that as an affiliate. You either want to promote affiliate products that are a super-hot item or you want to promote something that’s directly related to it. Also there are certain products out there that will always sell well among the people in your niche because they are always what people need.

8. Unlimited Income Potential

There is no limit on the income you can earn when you become an affiliate marketer. Many affiliates are making millions a year. Some are making grocery money, and some are making a real living. If you choose the right niche and do the work, you can be profitable within a short period – even months, which is impressive potential for such low startup costs and low barriers to entry.

Become An Affiliate Marketer – A Beginners Guide

The key to affiliate income is to engage continuously with your audience. Don’t treat them as buyers, treat them like friends. By knowing their problems and recommending products that solve their problems, you can convert visitors into buyers. For more information on how to become an affiliate marketer, download my free checklist, Affiliate Marketing For Beginners.

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