How Effective Is Email Marketing Today?

Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Email Marketing EffectiveAlmost every day, you run into people who try to undervalue the importance of email marketing. A new guru wannabe will announce at an event that they don’t use email marketing, and everyone gasps because they wish they could give it up too.

However, the truth is that email marketing really is a sure thing and email marketing is still effective. Email marketing works, and it will keep working for the near and distant future. Just like any other marketing strategy, email marketing has to be done right. Here are 5 reasons why email marketing is still effective.

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Effective

If your email marketing isn’t working, it’s not because email marketing doesn’t work. Email marketing does work, and it works very well. If it didn’t work, big businesses would not use it. And since it does work, you should feel safe using it because it’s one of the least expensive and most effective forms of marketing that exists today – or maybe ever.

1. It’s 40 Times More Effective Than Social Media

Most marketers who answer surveys have reported for years to Pew Research that they earn 38 to 40 times their investment with email marketing. Nothing else comes close. Some marketers report an even higher earning rate, with some affiliate marketers claiming thousands per email. Some marketers say that their email marketing feels like an ATM.

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2. The Average Open Rate Is Above 15%

A big downside of email marketing is that the most challenging part of it is getting your subscribers to open your email. But take heart that anything above a 15% open rate is considered reasonable in the industry. If you’re a smaller business, your open rate will likely be even higher than that.

3. Over 90% of Internet Users Have Email

People who use the internet also tend to use email. People love shopping online, and that requires that they keep up with an email address. Now that people also use mobile devices, they’re even more likely to open and answer emails. This speaks to the value of ensuring your email is mobile-friendly, and your website works on all devices.

4. Consumers Prefer Email to Other Types of Customer Care

Most consumers today, when seeking help, prefer email over calling and other methods. Using email to communicate with your audience is a vital way to engage with them. The trick is ensuring that every message you send is full of value so that they keep opening them. Try setting up an email-based ticketing system so you can take advantage of these types of transactional email opens.

5.Consumers Like Subscribing to Brands They Love

You’re in luck because it’s not even that hard to get people to sign up. Of course, once they buy from you, they’re on your list, but you can get them to sign up in other ways too via your content, by giving them freebies and other items of value. You only need to give them a valid excuse that works.

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Sending marketing emails to customers is still one of the most effective strategies for successful modern businesses. But it has become a great deal more competitive in recent years, with savvy readers becoming more discerning about what they put down their email address for. No one likes spam, after all. And when you’re fighting for attention in a busy inbox, you have to make sure that your message not only stands out, but gets read and some action is taken.

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