Is It Time To Give Up Email Marketing For Your Business?

Why Email Marketing For Your Business Is Not Over

Email Marketing For Your Business

Reading emails is the number one activity online.

There are many so-called gurus who will claim that email marketing for your business is dead. But, the fact is that it’s not dead and it’s not over. Email is still the most effective online marketing method that ever existed. It still offers a 122% return on investment by average according to research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association.

As a marketer, you should use real data to determine what will work best for you with your type of business and your business niche. Don’t rely on gurus to tell you what works and doesn’t work without checking the stats and the data. Then use data to make wise marketing decisions for all your marketing, including email marketing.

Here are 10 reasons why email marketing for your business shouldn’t be ignored.

What Can Email Marketing Do For Your Business?

1. Email Still Gets Seen More

Did you know that an email is more likely to get seen than a non-boosted post on your social networks? When you realize that, then you know that you need to send content to your email list and to your social networks and not just to one or the other.

2. You Control Your Email

You can’t control much about who sees your social media content, but you do have control over your email list. If you send the right information to just the right people on your list based on their behavior and other aspects, you’ll get better results.

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3. It’s Easier to Personalize Email

If you ask for the right information from your subscribers, you can personalize your emails by using names and other information, such as products they’ve purchased and more. You can’t do this with social media updates or a blog post that you create. This enables the information you send to be even more targeted, thus creating a situation where it converts at a higher rate.

4. Email Segmentation Ensures Higher Conversion Rates

There are many email marketing tools at your disposal. For example, you can segment your email list based on the behavior of your members.  This will help you to create a situation where you have higher conversion rates for each offer that you send.

5. You Own Your List

While you don’t own email marketing software that you use to deliver the emails, you do own your list. Technically, once someone signs up for your email list you can use their information by moving them to another platform if you need to, which can help make your business more stable.

6. Email Improves Engagement on Other Platforms

Sending information to your list that takes them to other platforms, increases engagement. Each time you have a good discussion going on a social platform (or want to start one), drop an email to your list asking for them to participate and you’ll get more engagement.

7. Expectations Are Different

Reading emails is the number one activity online. Take a moment to think about how often you check your own email, as opposed to, say, checking social media or using a search engine. Your prospective customers are doing the same. When you offer something for sale in an email, your recipient is used to it. Many companies promote via email, so they’re not surprised and they expect it. This means they’re more likely to buy via email than other ways.

8. Even Millennials Still Use Email

Don’t worry, the younger crowd is also using email. They like getting offers in their email and are more likely to respond to email using their smartphones than other demographics. They are quite comfortable clicking “buy” through email and using their smartphones to do it. For that reason, make sure that all the links in your email work.

9. Email Is Secure

If you use a good autoresponder system, you can be assured that your email is secure and your audience’s information is safe. You don’t have to worry about any of that because the system is going to take care of it – unlike if you were to use Outlook or Gmail (which you should never do) to send emails to your list.

10. It Builds Relationships

Today, the importance of effective consumer relations can’t be ignored and you’re not likely to meet your online customers face-to-face. Email marketing is still the single most effective form of online relationship building. To make it more personal,  sign your emails with your name and make sure your list knows your name. Share little snippets of your life, portray yourself as a human, not a sales machine. Credibility is one of the most important assets a marketer has in email campaigns.

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Although email marketing trends have changed, email is still the #1 marketing channel. The benefits of email marketing for small businesses (and all the way up to large multi-national companies) can’t be ignored. But when you’re fighting for attention in a busy inbox, you have to make sure that your message not only stands out, but gets read and some action is taken.

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