How To Use Email Marketing To Connect With Your Audience

Use Email Marketing Effectively

You know how important it is to use email marketing to grow your business. It’s an effective way to connect with your readers and build a business relationship. When people feel like they’ve connected with you, they want to buy from you because they’ve learned that they can trust you.

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Connecting with readers through email is one of the easiest ways to get what you have to say out to your entire mailing list, or to a certain segment of them. What confuses a lot of marketers, especially new ones, is when it comes time to actually create that email.

How To Use Email Marketing To Connect With Your Audience

When you’re completely new to online marketing, you know that you don’t send out individual email messages to each subscriber. That would take you all day or longer. You wouldn’t have any time to work your business! What you need to use is marketing email software that will automatically personalize the email with the recipient’s name and then will deliver your message to them.

Personalization and Business Balance

In the email that you create for your list, you’re going to want to have a balance betweenuse email marketing personalization and business content. When you set up the email, you don’t want to just have that person’s name as the greeting and then go right into whatever business you want to deal with. That’s too much of a sales push.

What you want to do is have that person’s name in the greeting and then personalize a few lines after their name. You can open the message by showing that you’re human. If you’re feeling under the weather, mention that. Are you getting ready to try out a new recipe? Talk about that.

You can even mention the weather. How cold it is or how hot it is and what are you doing to stay warm or cool? Some people feel awkward about this but it’s no different than walking into a meeting with someone and making small talk before you get down to business.

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Once you’ve finished the personalized beginning, you can launch into the reason for the email. This part should be in the middle of your email. You can talk about the new business product you’ve come out with or a review of someone else’s product.

You can mention any helpful tutorials you found online or a group that it might be worthwhile for them to join. Be yourself as you’re writing this. Talk to them like you were sitting down sharing a cup of coffee with a friend.

If you have more than one thing to share with your email subscribers, you can use bullet points or a numbered list to make it easier to read. Don’t forget when you’re writing the email to include the links they’ll need to the product or review.

Personalize, Business, Personalize

After you’ve finished dealing with all the new business you want them to know, you should end the email with another bit of personalization. You’ll take a sentence or two to sign off. You might sign off with something like “Going to try to relax now!” or, “Hoping to get the work done so I can head out into the sunshine!” If this were a formula when you use email marketing to connect with your audience, it would be P-B-P. – Personalize, Business, Personalize.

Autoresponder Software

Now let’s talk about the different types of emails that you can send out to your audience. Most marketers use an autoresponder. An autoresponder does just what the name implies. It automatically responds to any email. If someone heads to your website and they want to sign up to get your newsletter or free e-book, once they type in their information, the autoresponder, will answer them and deliver the information they want.

You can set up events that will activate the autoresponder. That event could be in response to them checking out a link or buying a product. You can even set your autoresponder program to send them a greeting on holidays or birthdays.

Autoresponder Email Marketing: Follow-Ups And Broadcasts 

There are two types of emails you’re going to want to send out where you’re initiating the communication. These are follow-up emails and broadcast emails.

Follow-Up Emails 

Follow-up emails are the emails that you’ve already written for your list and are pre-loaded into your autoresponder. These are important because not all of your followers became your follower on the exact same day. You still want the person who joined your list in December to get the same helpful information as the person who joined in March.

Using follow-up email can help you deliver a freebie that you offered in exchange for a new subscriber’s email address followed by a series of tutorials. All of your new subscribers will get the emails in the order that you want them received.

Be careful when using follow-up emails that you don’t talk about topics that are very current. If you don’t stick with evergreen topics, you could end up sending out email messages  that are out of date. For example, you may talk about wanting to stay warm from the snow and how everyone should stay off the icy roads. The problem comes when that email is sent out when it’s the middle of summer and a huge heat wave is hitting the nation.

Not only would this be very embarrassing but you could lose credibility with your customers and risk losing that connection you worked so hard to build.

Broadcast Emails 

Broadcast emails are different than follow-up emails. This type of contact doesn’t have to be written out ahead of time. You send out an email to your entire list regardless of when they signed up to receive information from you. This type of email usually deals with topics that are happening now.

For example, a broadcast email would be used when you’ve decided you’re going to have a sale or special offer. Just because these aren’t pre-written like a follow-up email, it doesn’t mean that you can’t set broadcast emails up to be delivered on a date when you want them to go out. You can even choose the time of day or night you want them to be delivered.

Learn How To Use Email Marketing More Effectively 

When you use email marketing, you’re sending messages to people who have expressed an interest in your business and want to receive more information from you. It’s one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience. And when you create a connection with your audience, you set yourself up for loyalty that can last for years. Check out this free email marketing course where you’ll learn how to write welcome emails, autoresponder series and more. Plus, you’ll get a fill-in-the-blank email templates to make sending emails even easier.

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