Should I Use Instagram For Business?

Should You Be Using Instagram For Business?

Using Instagram for business definitely deserves your attention. It’s no longer just a way for people to share what they’re eating with friends. It’s become a social media powerhouse, home to millionaire social media influencers and a great place for businesses and brands to connect with their followers and increase sales.

Not quite convinced that you should be using Instagram for business? Here are 5 reasons why you should be using it.

5 Reasons Why Instagram For Business Makes Sense

Instagram is an application you can download to your smart phone or tablet. It’s a social networking app that was created to let you share videos and photos online. In one month over 120 million Instagrammers visit a website, get directions, call, email, or direct message to learn about a business based on an Instagram ad.

1. It’s Easy to Use

Instagram For Business

Instagram has over 700 million active monthly users.

One of the biggest reasons to consider Instagram for business use is that it’s incredibly easy for anyone to use. Even those who don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to social media websites will find that Instagram in particular has a very user-friendly interface that you will learn to use effectively in no time.

Let’s say your business recently reached a major milestone. A basic video of you talking into the camera about that milestone can really make a difference to your business on Instagram. It’s a great way to give your business a bit of personality and spark some customer interest.

2. It’s Free!

You typically have to spend some amount of money when it comes to tools and resources to improve and grow your business, but this isn’t the case with Instagram. This social media website is completely free to use. You can set up Instagram account for free by downloading the app onto your smartphone or tablet. There are no limitations whatsoever. You also don’t need to spend any money to create a business profile.

3. Gain Valuable Insight into your Followers

When you create a business profile on Instagram, you’ll be able to gain valuable insight into your followers. This is specific information only available to owners of business (rather than personal) accounts. You’ll find out more information about who your followers are and when they’re online. Use this information to tweak what and when you post. And don’t forget to pay close attention to the kinds of comments you receive, too!

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4. Millions of People Use Instagram Every Day

Hundreds of millions of people all over the world use Instagram every day, so there is definitely the potential to reach a huge number of individuals in different areas across the globe. Hashtags make this even easier, by getting your posts in front of people searching for specific topics, but who may not be following you yet.

If you sell a product as part of your business, then upload photos or videos of the product actually being used. Lots of companies do this strategy already. For example, kitchen appliance companies (like Vitamix, a blender company) often upload videos of their appliances in action. If you upload an impressive clip, you can really make people want to buy your product.

5. It will Allow You To Get Creative

Having a business profile on Instagram will allow you to get creative with the videos and photos that you publish. You’ll be able to use the media you create to create brand recognition for your business, which is particularly important if you’re just starting out. You must remember that it’s imperative to post unique, quality content if you want your small business to be a hit on Instagram.

Creative Instagram Marketing

Instagram stories is a feature on Instagram that allows you to post a photo or video that will only be viewable for 24 hours, after which it will disappear. This is essentially an equivalent to Snapchat’s stories feature, which was released back in 2013.

The idea behind Instagram stories is that they are easily shareable and because they are only available for 24 hours, people are encouraged to view them quickly. For businesses, Instagram stories have great potential and could be used to boost business if they are used correctly.

How To Promote Your Business On Instagram Using Stories 

One clever way of using Instagram stories would be to just post videos of the standard, day-to-day operations of your business. You can attach helpful captions to explain what is going on to viewers. This probably would work best for businesses with appealing products that can be showcased in photo or video. For example, a restaurant can post an Instagram story of them making a dish, which will entice customers.

You can use Instagram stories to give discounts or special offers out to customers. You can announce the discount through a simple picture or you can make a quick promotional video and upload it. Make sure to be clear that the offer is only valid for 24 hours. This will encourage people to share your Instagram story with as many people as they can. You can also use this tactic to drive traffic to your website by letting people know that they need to enter the promo code on your website.

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There are plenty of places online where you may already be marketing your business. To get the best bang for your marketing buck, and the biggest payoff from your efforts, it makes sense to go where the biggest crowd of prospects are. Research shows that consumers are 58 times more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram compared to Facebook, and 120 times more likely to take some action than users on Twitter. To learn more about using Instagram for business, download my free checklist, Instagram Marketing Tips.

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