9 Proven Ways To Do Marketing On The Internet

How Do You Do Marketing On The Internet?

One of the most important marketing resources that you can have today to make your business more successful is the internet. You can find new prospects and customers online and build your reputation as an authority in your niche.

Your online marketing provides your audience with information about your business and can generate more
enquiries and sales.

Marketing on the internet doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can practically market your business for free if you know what to do.

9 Proven Ways To Do Marketing On The Internet

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on improving the rankings or visibility of your websiteMarketing On The Internet within search engines, like Google and Bing, with the use of keywords and high-quality content. This type of marketing covers two specific methods that you can use. First, there is on-page SEO. This is all about optimizing each page of your website, social media profiles, blog, and so forth with the right terms, navigation, keywords, headlines etc.

Second is off-page SEO. This concerns itself with these same things off the pages you control. For example, guest blogging on other websites, forum commenting, and anything above board that you can do to get authoritative links back to your website.

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2. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Often abbreviated as PPC, this is a kind of advertising where you pay per click received. This means, while 1000 people may see the ad, you will only be charged when a person actually clicks on it. The ad brings your prospect to your sales page or opt-in page. The cost you pay is referred to as Cost Per Click (CPC). There is also CPM, cost per thousand (M being the Roman numeral for 1,000), but most advertisers pay on a CPC basis.

The oldest and most established PPC network for advertising on the web is  Google AdWords. It shows ads on its own search engine results pages (SERPs) and on a network of other websites. Some of the websites are owned by ordinary people who want to make money from their website, so they join the Google AdSense program. There are several social media networks you can use for pay-per-click advertising too. Facebook has a very robust ad system which allows you to create low cost ads easily to a highly targeted audience.

3. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the most lucrative of all types of marketing on the internet. This internet marketing strategy focuses on distributing your messages message via email. This might include a text message or a combination of words and images. It might also provide access to a video.

By using email marketing software you’re able to collect, build and manage email addresses (known as an email marketing list). When you start an email marketing list, it will become the most valuable asset of your business. Your email list is made up of people who have willingly given you their email address because they want to hear more from you. When you have somebody’s email address, you can contact them for free, whenever you want.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing includes marketing on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Marketing may include creating pages, directly promoting your website or business company and paying for advertising on the platform. Any marketing completed on social media networks that brings members, likes and connections into your product funnel is social media marketing. Social media marketing works best when you’re committed to engaging with your audience.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing consists of all forms of content such as videos, blogs, white papers, reports, articles, eBooks, eCourses, email series etc. Anything that consists of content in all its forms is content marketing. It’s one of the most important marketing weapons in your arsenal. In fact, you’ll use content for all types of marketing including every way mentioned in this article. Content is needed that sells, educates, engages, informs and excites. You need content for all aspects of marketing up to and including customer relations.

6. Video Marketing

Video marketing is about marketing a product or service with the use of videos. In contrast to text and/or images, video “speaks” to your audience. This is why video marketing is so powerful. People can see and hear who you are, what you have to say and how your product or service works. Videos can be any length and have any sort of content or message within them. They might be educational in form, but ultimately have the goal of promoting a product or service.

7. Community and Relationship-Building Marketing

Thanks to forums, message boards, social media groups and more, you can now build an entire online community. This enables you to get closer to them and build relationships with them. Relationships are very important when it comes to marketing on the internet. Simply by creating a Facebook group, you’ll be viewed as an authority in your field. Even though setting up a group on Facebook can be done in less than 5 minutes, most people have never done it. They instantly look upon you as a successful online authority figure.

8. Display Advertising

Display advertising involves advertising a message in a static, set space. The ad will usually be composed of an image, artwork, or words like those found in magazines and newspapers. A sidebar banner on a web page is a common example of display advertising.

9. Affiliate Marketing

This is a wonderful way to get a legion of fans doing a lot of your marketing for you. An affiliate signs up to market your products or services to their audience, and for each completed sale they get a percentage. Affiliates are like salespeople who get paid only when they make a sale. If you want them to do a lot to make that sale, then they’ll need a fair percentage of sales to make it worth their time. If you don’t offer at least 50% commission you’re unlikely to attract high-level affiliate marketers

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Marketing on the internet is all-encompassing and very effective for helping the smallest to the largest businesses get more customers and increase their bottom line. There are many different types of online marketing and each type requires specialized knowledge and understanding to ensure that it’s effective. To avoid the common mistakes that often catch-out online marketers, download my free checklist, A Guide To The Top 10 Mistakes in Online Business, and avoid the false moves and slipups that even veteran online entrepreneurs and bloggers make.

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