Can Facebook Live Video Really Help Your Business?

Build Online Relationships With Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Video

On the Facebook live video platform, live videos receive 1,000% more comments than recorded videos.

Building stronger online relationships with your prospects and customers is always a good thing. People buy from people that they know, like and trust. And the online business world can be a little impersonal. It’s easy to hide behind a website and never have any direct contact with your customers.

But when you build a relationship with your online customers, you’ll discover that your sales conversions will increase. A simple, and free, tool like Facebook live video is a great way of allowing your audience to learn more about you, trust you quicker and stay more engaged.

How Can Facebook Live Video Help Your Business?

The dramatic increase in viewing a live video the last two or three years has not gone unnoticed by marketers. The live video streaming marketplace is estimated to be worth about $70 – $80 billion dollars by the year 2021.

One of the reasons for this preference of watching live video over other online media types is evidenced by the Livestream statistic which shows 80% of web surfers would rather watch live video created by a business or brand than read a blog post which delivers the same message.  On the Facebook live video platform, live videos receive 1,000% more comments than recorded videos.

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Choose Technology That Looks Professional

Whether you choose to Facebook live video, or you choose to do a webinar, you want it to look as professional as possible but not out of touch with your audience. For example, if you have a casual niche, you’ll want to keep your branding the same, so don’t get confused by the term “professional”.

Try to Be Consistent with Your Live Streams

It can take some time to get an audience to your Facebook live video when you start. Therefore, try not to get discouraged when you first begin offering these. Try to do them often and if possible the same time and day, or at least give people notice before you show up so that they can also show up.

Make Your Videos as Interactive as Possible

One way to get people to enjoy your live videos and to get something out of them is to make them as interactive as possible. Allow questions and give answers. If you have trouble doing two things at once, ask people to submit questions in advance so that you can make your audience feel a part of the event.

Use Codes to Get People to Be Interactive

If you’re doing a Facebook live video event, or a webinar that has a chat area, you can ask people to let you know their level of knowledge about a subject that you’re covering so that it’s more relevant to your audience. It’s a great way to get people to pay attention. For example, before you go live, you could send a message like: “If 1 is ‘complete beginner level’ and 5 is ‘expert level’ let me know in the chat by dropping a number for me”.

Call Out People as They Enter

“Hi Andy, it’s great to see you here.” Or “Wow Becky thanks for coming, I know how busy you are” and things like that really will get people’s attention. People love being noticed and they like realizing that it really is live. After all, with today’s technology, it’s easy to make an event appear live when it’s not.

Offer Freebies and Prizes

A really good way to get people to come is to let it be known that when a certain number of people show up to your Facebook live chat, you’ll give away one prize randomly, giving each person one entry (and maybe you can even give more entries for participation). You can make the prize something in your business, but you can also make it be something like gift cards, Amazon vouchers or a t-shirt.

Tell Your Stories

When you’re doing a livestream, a good thing if you really want to connect with people is to tell your stories. Relate them to your business, of course, but dig deep in and try to share stories that your audience will relate to. Tell stories that also relate to your business as well as a product that you’re promoting.

There is a certain calming effect that helps build your confidence if you act on camera as you do off camera. Don’t try to be someone you are not. Your audience will pick up on that immediately (and let you know about it too).

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If you have a smartphone which is less than a couple of years old, you’re probably well prepared for Facebook live video. The cameras on today’s smartphones provide video
quality which could only be found on expensive standalone video cameras just a few years ago.

There’s no denying that live video streaming connects with your audience in a way that text, images and recorded video can’t. The more you can connect via live video, the better.

It’s only natural that you’ll feel a little anxious about going live on a platform like Facebook. But free live streaming on social media is providing businesses of all sizes extra publicity and engagement with their target markets. To learn more on how to use how to use Facebook live, download my free checklist, The Power Of Live Video that reveals proven tips for a successful, and non-scary, live video stream.

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